Italamp Releases New Light UP Collection

By: Pure Light  11-11-2011

Italamp was founded in 1975 by  Matteo Vitadello. Assisted by a small team of passionate workers, they had the will and courage to bring to the lighting market a line of traditional, and original articles. Growing gradually, the company has become an industry, where each team works with clearly identified tasks. The focus point of the system is the creation of new ideas in order to renew tradition.

Nowadays, the  Italamp brand is known not only all over Italy and Europe, but also all over the world. The Italamp style has become an expression of past and present time, the melting point of great tradition and future innovation.

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During his studies he collaborated with the famous “Fucina Degli Angeli” under the supervision of Egidio Costantini, working on a number of projects and also carring out his own glass works. From 1985 he started his career as a designer working with several glass Factories such as Venini. He graduated at the Institute of Art and at the Academy of fine Arts in Venice. He is maintaining a strong connection with his family art attitude.