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By: Puo Educational Products  11-11-2011
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"I was doing the Puo activity cards with Bo on Sunday. She would tell me the name and number of the animal/s in English and Sesotho. It was fun, and it is amazing how much she knows (weak on counting in Sesotho, but that will change – we also struggled :) !! When we got to the elephant I remembered a little nursery school song that goes:

Tlou ena, e na le nko

E telele hakaakang!

Ea nka toeba

Ea nka mokholutsoane

Ea li fasa sefateng"

Makoa, mother of 3 year old

"Puo is active in the early childhood learning field, preparing materials that would otherwise not be available..I think it would be good for education in our country for Puo to succeed in its endeavours."

"I am based in the UK. I bought some stuff from the Puo website. They arrived on Monday. I have a 3 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. They are enjoying learning Sesotho so much. They love the cards. Funny thing is I didn't realise just how much I've lost my Sotho vocabulary! :) esp the animals! So yeah, I'm also on.. a learning curve :)
Mahali, South African mum based in the UK

"Great idea!"

First words Flashcards

“I love the flashcards for their dual function. My son is learning to speak and while we have succeeded in ensuring Sesotho and Setswana are his first language, he seems to use them to identify English as well. It’s great!”


“They are perfect for those kids who can’t distinguish between animals and what they are called in their mother tongue”

Mother of 2 year old twins

“I like the flashcards because there is a picture and the word. That way my child is able to learn and visualize. I started using the first words flash cards in Setswana as this is my first language and I want my son to be able to speak in his first language before learning the other languages, particularly English. I want him to have a considerable amount of Setswana vocabulary before he goes to crèche because the medium there is English; he might not get the opportunity to learn his first words in his first language”

Mother of 16month old baby boy

“The cards are brilliant!! My son can spend hours doing ‘name that thing’ so now that we’ve named everything in English we are FINALLY getting to the language aspect. Fortunately being able to translate into Setswana is proving to be quite an adventure. I highly recommend the cards for all ages. The next step is the ability to actually spell the words…but we’ll be more patient on that front.”
Otsetswe, mother of 5 years old

Learn to count Puzzle

“I loved the puzzle, there are many learning opportunities – it is a flexible piece. We use the puzzle to learn to count. Lu can say numbers and can count up to three, we pushing past three now”

Lu’s mother

My body Poster

“It is fun to teach and interactive”


“The body poster, I recently noticed that when I sing the body song in Sesotho, my son points at the body parts on the poster. He is not talking yet but he loves that poster”

Satisfied parent

Keywords: Flash Cards

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