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By: Provincial Pumps  11-11-2011
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Product and services

Provincial Pumps supplies a wide range of pump brand-names, for as wide a field of applications. We pride ourselves in having a comprehensive range of spares and pump assemblies in stock at all times. Spares are vital as emergency repairs are often needed, especially for ships calling at the Port of Cape Town. In most instances these repairs are done at night or over weekends and without a good stock of pumps and spares this would not be possible.

The Provincial Pumps workshop and fully trained staff is equipped to undertake all repairs to, and refurbishing of pumps. Bases for pump sets are manufactures and all machining of components is done in-house.

Training offered

We also gladly arrange formal or informal training to individuals and companies
who wish to learn more about the working of pumps and pumping systems.

    • The Lowara End Suction Centrifugal range covers a multitude of applications. This product range is used for small transfer schemes through to a comprehensive range of multistage products giving various material options.
    • The In-Line Centrifugal Pumps range is suited for heating, air conditioning system, hot water and many other applications
    • The Lowara range of multi-stage products starts with the Lowara SV standard pump which is available in various materials including stainless steel, bronze and various iron options.
    • Submersible drainage pumps and sewage pumps includes the DOC, Diwa and Domo series
    • Submersible borehole pumps
    • The Booster sets wide range of 2, 3 or 4 pump units controlled by pressure switches or pressure transmitters, with constant or variable speed. The Lowara range of automatic booster units is designed to supply water to intermittent and variable demand users, employing centrifugal electric pumps controlled by an electric panel.
    • The general purpose gear pumps are well-suited for low-pressure transfer of lubricating fluids with moderate viscosities.
    • Viking’s heavy-duty gear pumps are versatile and rugged. They can be configured and tuned to the application and the fluid pumped, through use of specific materials of construction, setting of clearances and other Viking’s flagship series of industrial duty internal gear pumps, designed to accommodate virtually all seals.
    • The proven design provides superior flexibility to adapt to the most challenging applications.
    • With all of the features and benefits of the Universal Seal series, these pumps offer a variety of jacketing options to easily handle fluids that require either heating or cooling.
    • Standard jacketed pumps feature a jacketed head and bracket, ideal for applications like asphalt and chocolate.
    • Fully-jacketed pumps add jacketed casing and flange areas, providing uniform temperature control for critical processes like ABS, epoxy, and PET resins.

    Eagle Multi-Stage Centrifugal

    • Boiler feed water
    • Water boosting


    • Self priming pumps for dirty water or effluent in factories or emptying the bilges of sea vessels. Designed specially to pump water contaminated with solid particles.


    • Heavy duty submersible pumps for clean liquid, raw sewage and contractors pumps.

    Provincial Pumps also offer a variety of other pumps for diesel, sea water and many marine applications on vessels

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