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By: Protective Paints  11-11-2011
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Acril GLOSS® & SUPERSHEEN® are especially formulated with micronized fillers, light fast pigments and advanced adhesion promoted acrylic resins. It is exceptionally suitable for surfaces that require regular washing, long-term durability and protection.


  Interior walls, exterior trim, children’s rooms, cots, toys
  Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, hallways, corridors
  Hospitals, schools, butcheries, cold rooms
  Post Offices, automatic telephone exchanges
  Masonite, fibre cement, wood, de-greased galvanised iron
  Windows & doors
  Acril GLOSS® for plastered & fibre glass swimming pools (Not suitable on Marbelite) Filling the pool: after 24 HOURS. Pool cleaner: after 3 DAYS


  Exceptionally wash & durable, steam, dirt & stain resistant
  Colour fast, brilliant white, non-yellowing
  Easy application, quick drying
  Attractive velvet sheen & gloss finishes
  Satin touch, grime simply wipes away
  Suitable onto enamel surfaces (minimal sanding required)
  Non-flammable, non-toxic (no lead)
  Pleasant aroma, no paint odour when dry, 10 year life span

All surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of rust, dirt, grease and other contamination.

Cracks & surface imperfections: Apply Filler TEX, sand when dry and dust off.
Chalk & RhinoLite: Prime with Acril SEAL® 8-10 m2 per litre.
Dirty & glossy surfaces: Clean with Sugar Soap, sand, rinse, dry.
Wood & Masonite:Pink Wood Primer / Universal Undercoat.
Mould: Treat with FUNGIWASH or household bleach. Rinse & dry.
Fungus: Soak with a chlorine & water solution (1:25) Scrub, rinse and let dry thoroughly.
Oil, fat & stains: Remove with MULTICLENSE or hot soapy water, rinse and let dry.
Plaster, concrete & brick: Must be thoroughly dry before painting. Prime with PLASTESEAL® 5-7 m2 per litre. Dry 2-4 hours. Finish off with SUPER ACRYLIC, Acril SHEEN® SUPERSHEEN® Acril TEX®, Acril ROOF® or EGGSHELL Enamel
Metal work, iron & steel: Prime with Zinchromate, QD Red Oxide Primer or Universal Undercoat. Dry 4-6 hours before over coating with Acril GLOSS® or GLOSS Enamel.
New galvanised iron: De-grease with GALVACLENSE, rinse thoroughly, let dry and prime with GALVETCH® Acrylic Primer
Weathered galvanised iron: Prime with GALVETCH® 5-7 m2 / L


  • Do not paint the exterior when rain is imminent
  • Do not apply to wet surfaces, hot water will soften the film
  • Ambient and surface temperatures must be between 10oC and 35oC during application
  • Match batch numbers or have enough paint mixed to retain sheen and colour consistency

Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle before use. Apply with a paintbrush, lambs wool roller or airless spray. Do not dilute or overspread. SUPERSHEEN® & Acril GLOSS® will cover most surfaces with a generous coat. Two to three coats applied at the recommended spreading rate will give optimum protection.

Coverage: 10-14 m2 per litre.
Touch-dry: 1 hour, re-coat after 2 hours.
Cleaning: Use water before the paint dries.
Colours: Pastel, medium & swimming pool blue on request.
Packaging: 1, 5 and 20 litres
Storage: Up to one year in the original sealed container out of sun.


  • Keep out of reach of children, do not ingest
  • Close the container when not in use


  • Harmful if swallowed: Drink a lot of water, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention
  • Eye contact: Flush immediately with clean water
  • Skin contact: Wash hands and skin with warm soapy water
  • Respiratory problems: Remove affected person to fresh air

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