ProFab pure products

By: Profabdbn  11-11-2011

AT88F Air Purifier

The AT88F Air purifier takes negative ions and combines it with Ozone to eradicate volatile organic gas molecules and break them down in water vapour and carbon dioxide. As the negative ions drift, pollutants such as pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and even vaporised substances such as aerosol propellants and car fumes are attracted to and cluster around the ions. This makes the ions grown in size which results in the mass gain of the ions. There comes a point when it is too heavy to be carried by the air so it falls to the ground. The air becomes naturally fresher.

FA50 Room Sanitise

The FA50 is designed specifically for use in  small spaces . It is made in a compact size which makes it portable. This product makes it possible to have a chemical free operation. It has an easy application and very quiet. This unit is maintenance free.

YL-5600 Ozone Steriliser

TheYL-5600 Multifunctional Ozone Generator for Vegetables and Fruit with the digital display, there are 6 timed duration for each rotation on the timer button, minimum staying times is 10 min, and the maximum staying time can reach 90mins. There is however a manual rotate system that can be set. With 400mg/h ozone output, it can thoroughly kill microbes, inhibit fungi, resistant viruses and remove toxin and odours. Multifunction can be used to purify both air and water.

RK99 Fridge Sanitise

The RK99 uses negative ions, ozone, a low temperature catalyst and an activated carbon filter. Highly energised ions omitted by a generating device react with volatile organic gas molecules in the air and break these molecules into carbon dioxide and water. 

Air Purifying Tower .

The Air Purifying Tower is ideal answer for eliminating odours and purifying the air. It can be used in the home, the office, the restaurant, the bar. This is a free standing unit that uses ionisation to create a clean indoor environment. There is no need to replace any filtering this unit. The air purifying tower eliminates bacteria, odour gasses, fungus spores and mold. It has an extended coverage of 150m squared, a single unit is sufficient enough to purify a 3 bedroom home.

The Ozone sterilisation cabinet

This cabinet can be used to sterilise almost every item you can think of that can fit in to the cabinet, the cabinet uses Ozone gas, so everything from plastic, glass and metal can be placed in the cabinet , a normal cycle for this cabinet is approximately  15 minutes for a perfectly deodorised and sterilised item, this cabinet can be supplied in various sizes from Small to medium to large, and as this is a south African product and carries the proudly South African mark we can manufacture a cabinet for your specific needs.