Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim Systems

By: Procon Environmental Technologies  11-11-2011
Keywords: Oil, Water Treatment, Contaminants

The Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim System can save you up to 80% of water consumption while ensuring you reduce your environmental liabilities and ensure that the current and future discharge standards are met and complied with.

The Ultraspin VR range vehicle wash system is a 4-stage water treatment system designed to remove contaminants and condition the water.

•    Cleaner water
•    Reduce Costs
•    Separators require no cleaning or maintenance
•    No chemicals / no bag filters / no consumables

Typical Performance of the Wash Water Reclaim Technology

•    Ultraspin oil separator
•    Ultraspin dirt separator
•    Ultraspin floatation and separation tank
•    Water aeration
•    Low retention times in collection and storage

The Ultraspin Wash Water Reclaim System is a four-stage water treatment system designed to:
Remove contaminants from vehicle wash bay run-off water and condition the reclaim water to enable the water to be re-used in another wash cycle.There are three types of contaminants removed by the system:•    Light material such as grease, oils, waxes and light solids like some plastics
•    Heavy material such as sand and dirt
•    Neutrally buoyant material, such as plastics, organics and dirt which is heavily coated in oil

Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim Flow Diagram

Stage 1: removes the “light contaminants”, such as grease, oil & wax, with the Ultraspin oil separator.

Stage 2:

removes the “heavy contaminants”, such as solids particles, with the Ultraspin solids separator

Stage 3:

is the course foam separation of contaminants. “Neutrally buoyant contaminants” such as organics and dirt heavily coated in oil, are removed as they pass into the flotation and Oxygenation (FOS) tank and then are discharged in to the settlement tank. Separation of particles takes place by floatation as the air bubbles attach to the contaminants and float out.

Stage 4:

is the fine foam separation of smaller contaminants. Foam and the attached small contaminants, are discharged back to the pit for collection.

Ultraspin VR Range Equipment Detail VR 35

– Nominal – 3 500l/hr (3,5m3/h) System – Secondary treatment auto recycle unit

Keywords: Contaminants, Oil, Water Reclaim, Water Treatment, Water Treatment System

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