By: Procon Environmental Technologies  11-11-2011
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Procon Environmental Technologies are able to provide a Mycelx filtration system that guarantees 99,9% removal of hydro carbons to meet sewage and storm water discharge limits.

“MyCelx is a patented oil removal technology. Fifteen patents, Fortune 100 clients, and hundreds of installations worldwide attest to the fact that MyCelx is the undisputed, best solution for reliable oil and hydrocarbon removal from water and air.

MyCelx Technology is a green manufacturing process with Zero Waste Generation and 100% conversion of raw products to finished MyCelx Products and Systems”

• Certified by Lloyds Register to meet low discharge levels in oily water
• ISO 9001: 2000 Certified
• Ability to meet 1ppm or less on oil removal

MyCelx is therefore able to meet the National Water Act requirements of below 2,5mg/l oil and grease levels.

It is the Best Available Technology on the market and guarantees a 99,9% removal of any hydrocarbon, PCB, POP’s, DDT, from water. In addition it also provides low life cycle cost as it absorbs 10 fold the amount of oils of any other technology including activated carbon.

We propose solutions that will remove concerns and problems of the public affected by the contamination of groundwater.


o The critical first step in recycle & reuse for process water & wastewater
o Instantly removes 99.9% of contaminants in a single pass
o Single pass removal even at high flow rates
o Absorbs concentrated slugs with less than 1PSI pressure differential
o Permanently binds slightly soluble organic compounds & colloidal metals
o Will not release pollutants due to its visco-elastic nature
o Fixed footprint: small space required
o Simple installation: Gravity flow capable


Fastest, easiest, most reliable and most economically viable means for elimination of process oil/hydrocarbons contamination from air and water

• Fastest – Lowest operating Pressure; Pressure Drop; foot print than any alternate technology
• Easiest – No Rotary, electrical parts, operator friendly – easy to use and simple to maintain
• Reliable – Most Effective Oil Removal, most robust protection to oil fouling – will remove oil even under a worst process upset to same degree of effectiveness and ease of use
• Economically Viable – Lowest capital and competitive operating costs

• Instant and permanent oil removal from process water.
• Lowest Energy and lowest amount of disposable as compared to any alternate solution
• No sludge waste
• No liquid or oily water waste
• Spent cartridge rejects water- will not hold water – Spent MyCelx cartridges can be incinerated with very high BTU value – 150,000 Btu/ spent oil cartridge with ash value equivalent to that of oil removed. Excellent for alternative fuels program.
• MyCelx Technology is a green manufacturing process with Zero Waste Generation and 100% conversion of raw products to finished MyCelx Products and Systems

• Least Environmental Footprint to high efficiency
• No oil sheen guarantee
• Attractive costs
• Simple process and easy to use
• Low handling or maintenance time
• Internationally proven and over 500 installations
• Certified by Lloyds Register to meet low discharge levels in oily water
• ISO 9001: 2000 Certified
• Ability to meet 1 ppm or less on oil removal
• High Binding Affinity

Key clients and industries, utilizing MyCelx Oil Removal Solutions in South Africa?





Fuel Station

Remediation of polluted aquifer

Transnet Rail Engineering

Rail Transport

Oily Waste Water Filtration

Process water filtration

BHP Billiton Energy Coal

Coal Mining

Plant Oily Water Separation

Anglo Platinum


Plant Oily Water Separation

Total Oil SA

Oil Industry

Oily Waste Water Filtration

At Fuel Depot




Project Profile

Contractor Services


Kantey & Templer

South Africa

Cleaning of polluted aquifer water. (Decommissioned fuel station)

Procon Environmental Technologies

Transnet Rail Engineering

South Africa

Diesel Depot oily water process treatment

Procon Environmental Technologies

Algoa Project - Somago


Oil terminal oily water process treatment

Procon Environmental Technologies

Botswana Rail


Workshops oily water process treatment

Procon Environmental Technologies

Total S.A

South Africa

Fuel storage depot treatment of run-off water

Procon Environmental Technologies

• Post Oil Water Separation Polishing
• Bilge / Ballast Water
• Storm Water
• Platform Runoff
• Groundwater Remediation
• Pre & Post RO, UF and Ion Exchange
• Tramp Oil From Machining Fluids
• Compressor Condensate
• Boiler Water
• Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers
• Tank Farms

MyCelx Technical Specifications

Type of System

MyCelx Oily Water Filtration

Capability of the process

Removal of oil – free, dispersed and emulsified

Discharge capability

Oil Removal to < 1ppm

 Up to 0.1 ppm

Max Flow Capacity of Process ( max/rated)

 2 x 100%

(70/64 m3/h)

Particle Removal Micron Size

1 microns

Oil Removal

> 99.9%

Design Pressure /Temperature

150 psig/250F

Pressure Drop across each bag filter vessel

Clean: 5 psi

Dirty – 25-30 psi

Pressure Drop across each cartridge vessel

Clean: 5 psi

Dirty – 25-30 psi

Media in each bag filter vessel

  2 vessel in parallel configuration – operational + standby

3 x MyCelx Oil Removal Bag -150 micron with MyCelx Snippets (5 x 11” x 12” mesh Snippet bags inside 1 x 150 micron bag filter)

Media in each cartridge filter vessel

2 x 2 vessels in series and parallel configuration – operational + standby

26 MyCelx EB Filters in each cartridge ( 2.5” OD x 40” Ht filter cartridge)

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