By: Process Innovation  11-11-2011

We specialize in a number of computer-based process modeling and simulation technologies to predict performance and optimize design including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Floating Systems analysis. Our engineers routinely apply these technologies to process fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer analysis. These advanced technologies provide unique opportunities to propose and test design changes, and also shed light on why products, machinery and processes fail.

Since 1972, we have been providing expert analytical services in a wide range of industries including chemical/refinery, medical devices, oil & gas, pipelines, consumer products, power, and packaging.

For the gas and oil industry, we bridge the gap between operations and analysis with a full range of capabilities. Our analysis expertise includes evaluation of riser system response and the interaction between tubing and casing strings. The resulting data are used to design stress joints, connectors, centralizers and other riser components. We are also experts in simultaneous analysis of single or multiple floating bodies, risers and mooring systems. This capability provides invaluable information in performing "front-end" studies to determine field concepts and feasibility.

Our capabilities include:

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Data Acquisition

Stress Engineering Services merges unsurpassed mechanical and testing capabilities with exceptional software and electrical engineering skills, to offer a versatile selection of data-acquisition services. One of our most essential data-acquisition tools is the strain gage. Stress Engineering is a world leader in strain-gage instrumentation.



Our highly skilled engineers and designers have immense industry experience and unsurpassed knowledge in a number of engineering disciplines including materials, electrical, mechanical, marine, plastics, structural, and software development. We are committed to remain well-informed on the latest design issues and codes affecting industry by actively participating in professional societies and serving on international code writing committees.



Using a combination of advanced technologies, innovative applications and classical engineering methods, Stress Engineering is a uniquely skilled and fully integrated one-stop resource serving the consumer product, medical, manufacturing and military sectors. Stress Engineering provides a full range of electronic engineering services, along with a multi-disciplinary team approach to problem solving that covers all major engineering disciplines.