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By: Probe Technologies  11-11-2011

Whatever your requirements, baseloc is the ideal product. With Baseloc fitted , the PC covers can not be opened, nor can the PC's be lifted. Low cost, yet extremely effective, the level of protection is second to none.

Baseloc is the result of careful consideration of all aspects of PC theft and tamper protection, including aesthetics.

Easy operation, sturdy metal construction using only the highest quality material and the fact that fixing bolts/screws are not visible once the PC is mounted. Electronic combination locks provide a highly cost-effective means of locking the Baseloc without compromising security. This means that you can now enjoy the peace of mind of complete PC hardware protection, while avoiding the fort-like impression created by full PC enclosures.

Baseloc is unique in the sense that it does not make use of an enclosure for full protection. Forcible removal will result in seriuos damage to the PC itself, rendering it useless for resale by the criminal.

Easy to use! Each Baseloc is supplied with it's own unique pin number, operated via a digital keypad to unlock and remove the PC from the Baseloc. Locking the PC to the Baseloc is even easier by pressing one key to the keypad.

At present the Baseloc are being installed in the Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal regions. Efforts are being made to install the Baseloc in other areas of South Africa.

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