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By: Prior Learning Centre  11-11-2011
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Prior Learning Centre has two RPL models:

Model 1: High Touch RPL

Many RPL candidates do well at the ‘performance’ parts of a qualification but they battle with the theory. This is simply because theory is not a normal part of workplace learning, but it is an important component of applied competence.This model accommodates these candidates by harnessing their workplace experience and using it as a base to build an understanding of models and concepts that underpin their performance.  It is also a good RPL option for those candidates who feel they lack the self- motivation to complete a portfolio completely on their own.

In this model candidates spend 8 days in a classroom with a facilitator.  The mornings are spent going through theory to assist candidates to understand what is required from them.  The afternoons are used to complete the PoE with a facilitator available to guide candidates if they get stuck.

A typical course programme would look like this:

Model 2: Pure RPL

This RPL model is perfect for candidates who have a great deal of workplace experience, good theoretical knowledge and are self-motivated to complete the portfolio on their own.  Here the candidates spend about 2 days in the class.  One day is spent preparing candidates for the RPL process and this is followed by optional half day sessions to motivate and guide the candidate if required.  Candidates complete their portfolio in their own time.  If candidates are self-motivated this model is the most cost effective.

A typical course programme would look like this:

Note the following:

  • The High Touch model, with classroom guidance and facilitator-supervised completion of the Portfolio leads to a far higher submission rate of portfolios and a far higher competency rate.  This is more motivating for candidates.  We do recommend this approach where cost is no object.
  • The High Touch model includes:
    • Assessment tools
    • Support materials (eg textbooks, notes)
    • Course programmes
    • Explanation of the generic theories and models to guide candidates who lack a formal academic base
    • One free assessment + one free remedial assessment (thereafter payment from candidate is required to remediate )
    • Written feedback
    • Option to hand in PoE over clusters or all in one go (client decision)
  • The pure RPL model includes:
    • Assessment tools
    • One free assessment + all remedial assessment requires payment from candidate to remediate )
    • Written feedback
    • Option to hand in PoE over clusters or all in one go (client decision)

Keywords: Learning Centre

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Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment process through which the skills and knowledge that an individual acquires outside of formal educational institutions are formally recognised. Individual candidates and workers have also used RPL to identify knowledge and skills they didn't even know they had. There are three main reasons for employers and individuals to consider RPL in South Africa. To achieve a full or partial qualification.