Pretoria School: News

By: Pretoria School  11-11-2011

The Physiotherapists and some volunteers changed wheelchairs washing into a fun day!

Pretoria School- Varsity College

Pretoria School for cerebral palsied children was visited by Varsity College’s “Girls talk” group to educate the learners on personal- and inner beauty. The girls loved the make-over’s done by the students.

Pretoria School- New Principal

Pretoria School for cerebral palsied children “kicked off” with a new Principal in 2010. This year the 2 biggest events on our program are our 60th birthday and the 2010 soccer.

Pretoria School Accident

Donation foe A new school bus. One of our school buses was involved in an accident recently and needs to be replaced urgently. No funds are available, however, and we are dependent on the goodwill of a donator. Our subsidized and private bus routes enable children from all over the Pretoria and Tshwane areas – as far as Mabopane, Soshanguve, Centurion and Mamelodi to attend school daily.

Lizel Strydom came to the rescue of 3 of Pretoria Schools’ learners who were seriously injured in an accident earlier this year. One of the learners formally thanked her for her generosity.

Pretoria School Gala

Pretoria School for cerebral palsied children held a Gala and water games. Thapelo Motlabi  was the champion of the day.