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By: Pretoria Forklifts  11-11-2011
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Forklift Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance are always essential with Forklifts and we are able to offer a complete range of services - on your premises - from basic servicing to full maintenance options. With a full maintenance option, we are able to ensure fixed operational costing, effected though our fully equipped mobile service vehicles.
Our technicians also receive ongoing training in the aftercare of your new Nissan product. This ensures that we always keep your operating costs down to a minimum - essential with today's spiralling costs.

At Pretoria Forklifts our aim is to provide you with the correct equipment, coupled with professional service.

Forklift Load Testing

Forklift accidents do happen! And, if your forklift has not been load tested, YOU could face legal and criminal charges! Pretoria Forklifts ensures that forklifts ARE Legal through our load test service!

Load testing must also be carried out after any repairs and maintenance work on masts, carriages, chains, lift and tilt cylinders.

The Driven Machinery Act* states that annual load testing of forklifts is compulsory. It also states that a forklift must be examined every 6 months and a full report kept. To help you meet the requirements of the law, we've developed a no-hassle, cost-effective, and scientific system that takes the guesswork out of load testing!

Our sophisticated, electronic and portable load testing system guarantees 100% accuracy.


On-site testing

: we come to you with our system.

* You're guaranteed accuracy and, our system is SABS certified.

* It's cost-effective: enjoy peace-of-mind at a minimal cost.

* Quick and efficient: test one or more forklifts at once and CUT downtime.

* Our highly qualified and experienced technicians carry out the testing site

Keywords: Forklifts