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By: Premium Ideas  11-11-2011


Our quotations department will continually engage you on the details of prospective projects to ensure that we offer you the best value for money, based on and tailored to your requirements.

Technical Services

Premium Ideas has made investments in machinery that enable automated processes and industry best practice standards. These provide a superior, highly secure and high speed automated mail insertion service. We are able to automate the reading of smart cards, bar-coded cards, magnetic stripe cards and OCR cards. We subsequently match these with customized inserts and package the entire product as a single linked process. All our machinery and equipment are user-friendly and we upgrade these on a regular basis to keep up with customer demands and industry-specific trends.

Logistics & Distribution  

Other than production, our fully-outsourced service includes a commendable internal logistics and information network as well as external distribution systems to ensure that all deliveries are properly synchronised to our customers’ requirements.

Continuous Improvements  

Premium Ideas is ISO accredited and employ these in all stages of workflow from project inception to final delivery. Our after-sales team will work with you to ensure full customer satisfaction and effect continuous improvement processes to constantly improve quality and reduce costs.

Local Presence  

As part of our customer relations and growth strategies we will continue to set up a facilities within reasonable proximity to our clients to ensure that optimal service is rendered. At Premium Ideas, we aim to be close to all our clients and currently have invested in production, warehousing and distribution facilities strategically located in Montague Gardens (Cape Town), Bellville (Cape Town), Apapa (Lagos) and Selby (Johannesburg). >From these facilities we have personnel and equipment to perform our range of services. Premium Ideas is well positioned to service the entire African market. All facilities exist as backup units for each other, enabling Premium Ideas to move its operations from one to another in the event of a disaster at any of the sites. As such the customer will always get a standardised quality service irrespective of unforeseen environmental constraints and conditions. We are proud of our facilities and are always open to give a guided tour upon request .

Dedicated & Customised Service 

Premium Ideas are open to negotiations with clients to offer a dedicated or customised service. Dedicated services include capacity reservation, floor space reservation, shift reservation or significantly shortened turnaround production times.