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By: Prana Wellbeing  11-11-2011
Keywords: Productivity, teambuilding

We at Prana pride ourselves in assisting people shift in the areas of the workplace & outside. The principle being that when you have a healthier, fitter, less stress, happier, content, more centered & balanced person walking through the office doors the smoother the process of a very present,dedicated and efficient employee. This is just about half of the focused shift because there might be aspects of poor communication, respect, responsibility, accountability & synergy in the workplace that challenges the employees. So we work with surveys/evaluations & design programs to target problem areas, address it as challenges & assist individuals and teams to shift into more satisfaction & commitment for flowing increase in productivity and achieving appropriate goals.

Corporate wellness

Executive Life & Business Coaching -

In the light that Executives have more pressure in these times of especially economic recession, it is of key importance that they have techniques of sharing centered, wise, diplomatic and offer win-win equations to employees and clients. So we offer ways of increasing productivity & more masterful outcome for meetings, techniques of being very alert & balanced between creative & logical hemispheres of the brain. Stress release & management physical & mental exercises.


in using simple and key strategies your consultant will be able to create sleek marketing plans to increase your turn over.

Departmental shifting workshops & courses :

Becoming stakeholders instead of just being employees. Steps of how personal in a department can take more pride, responsibility & commitment as well as receive recognition, incentive, support & working in a complimentary group(WIN – WIN). This involves exercises alone, with a partner or in a group(team building)

Executive transformational retreats :

We offer a 2 and half day weekend retreat to assist executives to shift & transform old patterns that do not serving themselves or others in their lives to innovative structures that increase satisfaction & productivity, gain more time for their families, hobbies & leasure activities. A great many have issues around anger, impatience, frustration, fatigue, lack of clear communication as well as others not being dedicated enough. So here’s a gateway of “being the change you want to see” by shifting further and humbly leading by example. We also look at human psychology & behaviour so we can diplomatically & masterfully finer tune our relationships in the office to maximize satisfaction, sense of belonging, dedication & commitment & increase turn over.

The areas of focus could pivot around personal training exercises, breathwork, visualization, personal growth & synergy building workshop, teachings of Byron Katie, Don Miguel, Mankind project, yoga, meditation, Louis Hay, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Edward Bono & others.

We offer structured workshops and seminars to corporate companies for a healthier and more productive work environment. After much observation and research on the way our modern work ethic affects stress levels and productivity, we have created appropriate mastering programs to focus employees, to establish thriving work teams, and to increase efficiency, productivity and level of work satisfaction in the corporate environment.

In our seminars, we offer tools, techniques and methods to bring transformational shifts for individuals and teams within a company.


Corporate yoga is organized for groups of between 6-40 people to practice yoga at the workplace. Offering yoga as a mid-day break for your employees, or as a way to start the morning feeling fresh and focused, can be a great method for breaking the daily work routine and provides an avenue for much-needed stress release and exercise.  We have facilitated sessions in all kinds of spaces – conference rooms, meeting rooms, large offices, and can set a time for these sessions that matches your workplace needs.  Corporate yoga is growing in demand as it helps employees keep to their fitness routines with ease, and can facilitate greater overall productivity.  Additional benefits are improved communication and social dynamics within the work environment, as well as focused, healthy, and happy employees.


With expertise in facilitating conferences, gatherings, wellness days and strategy sessions, Prana Wellbeing will walk your team through exercises and activities aimed at more effective communication, group productivity, and developing a sense of teamwork. Through practice in working together to achieve a goal, teambuilding exercises have been shown to improve work environments by building positive relationships, preventing conflict, and enhancing employee buy-in to work together. Regular teambuilding can be used as a tool for building tight-knit, efficient work units.

Teambuilding takes work groups out of their normal work setting and into informal tasks that mimic the structure of the work environment by requiring the same kind of time-pressured teamwork, effective communication, efficiency and productivity. Through having fun teambuilding helps to build relationships and groups learn to achieve together. Some activities could include: obstacle courses, outdoor adventure??. Survival games, and team sports like soccer, rugby, and volleyball.  Indoor teambuilding might involve group exercises, brain-stimulating games, and sound-based work like drumming, clapping, voice work.

Prana Wellbeing has facilitated teambuilding sessions with: the Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Sports & Recreation, Nedbank, Sasol, Media 24, Cadburys, Etana Insurance and Lesedi Private Clinic.


Stress management will focus both on clearing existing stress, as well as on developing techniques for managing future stress.  Methods might include breathwork, clear communication exercises, meditation and other mind-focus strategies, movement, group discussion or drama.

We have designed  Peace Building Holistic life success workshops to suite the work place & assist in increasing objectivity, Clarity, insight, respect all personal & views present to finding well thought out dynamic answers to problems & think tank sessions & meetings.

GOLFING PROGRAM to increasing results on course, driving range and boardroom/office.


We are also able to adapt and fine-tune our programs to meet specific needs or aims of your company, and can tailor-make our seminars to suit different groups, or to drive very specific actions your company is wanting to achieve.

We look forward to working with you in creating a more productive and balanced workplace.

Keywords: Productivity, teambuilding