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By: Practical Web Solutions  11-11-2011
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 - E-Commerce & Online Shopping

Want to start selling your goods or services online? Sounds complicated?

Leave the e-commerce development up to us an you wont be confused about this any longer. In line with our other services, developing your web shop will not cost too much as we are competitively priced. Practi-Webs will advise you along the way and make this exciting process one that you will enjoy. The end result will be a user friendly shop and all that will be left to you is to maintain the stock and prices and take orders! Payment gateways are many but we will help you choose the right option for the needs of your business.

  - Search Engine (SEO) (also available for existing sites)

What good is a beautifully designed website that is not being found by search engines? We are experienced in the optimization of websites. Once we have uploaded your website, we will submit the site to the major search engines. More often than not, this is not enough to get the website found effectively by potential visitors or clients. Web site optimisation ensures that your website is well indexed by the search engines, so that it appears in the relative search results when people search for your product or service.


  - Web Page Optimisation (also available for existing sites)

This process ensures that the pages are of a small enough size, whether there are many images or not, so that they do not take long to open or download. Realising that many people are impatient and will not wait for large pages to open, this is of importance. Although there are more and more people with high speed internet access, we need to take into consideration those that may still be using a slower internet connection such as a dial-up connection.

  - Submission to Search Engines
Practi-Webs will submit your site to all the major search engines for indexing as soon as the site is uploaded.

  - Live Testing
If you prefer not to have your site on your domain while under construction, Practi-Webs has servers where live testing can be done without needing to be on your hosting space. This sometimes creates indexing issues with search engines indexing the site at any of our testing sites.
The positive side of this would be that you are able to see your site and the development of the design work without having to travel too far. All your comments and further instruction can be sent via email and we will attend to the changes you would like made. In effect, whether we utilise the test servers or not, the whole process can be electronic, allowing us to do business with anyone, anywhere in the world.

  - Maintaining your website

People tend to lose interest in a website if the content is out of date.

Once live, we will constantly be available for updates and uploads that you may require. You may want to make people aware of upcoming special offers or new products on offer; or even update your photo gallery. This is not a service that we include in our initial design price, but will depend on the nature updates required.

  - Client Access to Site Statistics
Before we can say that the design of your web site is complete, we will add a counter to your website for tracking of visitors and statistics. We will supply you with your own username and password so that you are able to monitor the success of your website. You have the choice whether to have the visitor count visible to the viewers of the pages or not. Both options are just as effective. Note that we cannot alter the count on the counter and will not do this due to the belief that it is un-ethical. Your being able to access the site statistics means you will be able to see any strange behavior regarding the traffic to your site.

  - Mailing Lists
If you currently have a website, we now offer an installation service of mailing list software. This installation will cost you a once off fee and the system is then integrated into your website, without making any major changes. Furthermore, we will customise your template so all you will need to do - is draw up your letter and hit send. This web based program is used widely amongst the e-newsletter customers and is reliable, safe, legal and easy to use.

Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engines, Web Design

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