By: Powertek  11-11-2011

Gedore tools are sold on every continent in the world including Europe, Asia, Middle and Far East, North and South America, Africa and Australasia.

The South African manufacturing plant was established in 1965. Spanner forgings were initially imported from Gedore in Germany and machined and plated locally. These spanners were primarily produced for inclusion in new car tool kits by the motor vehicle manufacturers.

Combination Hammers; Ring Spanners; Open End Spanners; Adjustable Wrenches; Special purpose Spanners; Nut Drivers

Screw Drivers, Allen Keys, Torx Keys, Buts - 1/4" Hex Bits

Wheel Wrenches; Special Purpose tools, Motorist sets

Sockets, Accessories  Sets

Hammers; Chisels & Accessories; Punches

Circlip Pliers; Mechanics & Electrician's Pliers; Cutters; Grip Pliers; Water pump pliers; Pipe Wrenches; Tin Snips

Toolboxes; Toolbox assortments; modular assortments; tool cabinets & panels; tool trolleys; in-store displays

Pullers & Accessories; Special Purpose tools; Workshop kits

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Today, professionals have a complete, finely tuned generation of AEG Power Tools at their disposal.



HSSE-V Application Machine Taps for through and blind holes in Stainless Steels, High Resistance Steels, Cast Iron and non-ferrous metals are available ex-stock. French Engineering Works is a manufacturer, exporter and importer of standard and premium quality High Speed Steel Cutting Tools. The extensive product range stocked includes Taps, Dies, Drills, Cutters, Toolbits and Allied Lines.



The development of the name Festo is an example of the power of a vision and the success of a consistent corporate philosophy tailored to the needs of users. Our top priority since the foundation of the company in 1925 by Gottlieb Stoll has been to offer tradesmen practical products and solutions to facilitate their daily work. This claim has led to milestones of technology and has made Festo a market leader and synonymous with innovat