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By: Powerball  11-11-2011
Keywords: Carpal Tunnel, Hand Strength

The NSD Powerball is a Gyroscopic Hand, Arm and Shoulder Exerciser, Strengthener and Rehabilitator!

The Powerball is about the size of a tennis ball. An internal rotor (visible yellow ball) that is powered completely by the motion of your hand and arm is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 16000RPM. At this speed the Powerball is generating almost 10 kilograms of resistance.

The device is self-regulating and won't allow you to exceed what you cannot handle.

 Completely Human-Powered !!

Using a starter cord (and instructions provided) to start the internal rotor spinning, you will grip the Powerball firmly in your hand, and with circular or swinging motions of your hand or arm you will keep the internal rotor spinning to generate a constant smooth gyroscopic force of whatever speed/magnitude you choose. T he faster you spin the rotor the more force it'll generate and the stronger your grip on it will need to be.

Get a GRIP !! ..

.. with the All-Original NSD Powerballs

This is certainly one of the most remarkable devices that emerged from the 20th century and one that will capture imaginations and amazement for sure. But you're probably wondering what all this has to do with exercise ? . . . .

By using the Powerball and generating the constant pulling or pushing forces that you 'fight' against to keep it going, holding and using it in certain positions and motions can strengthen and exercise specific muscles, groups of muscles, and joints.

If you suffer from Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, Tennis Elbow, or maybe rehabilitating an injury to the hand, arm or shoulder, or simply want to strengthen your grip, muscle definition and tone, then the NSD Powerball is the perfect device to use.

This is 'for real' - NO Gimmick!!!

When you first grab hold of a 'live' Powerball and synchroniseyour movement with its movement you will be amazed at how powerful the resistance actually is - for such a small device it can certainly pack a punch!

The All-Original NSD Powerball will provide a unique, non-impact gyroscopic workout that will strengthen muscles in your hands, forearms and shoulders, and mobilise jointsin virtually no time at all.

For Powerful and Enduring Hand Strength !!


So, all this hype about what it is and maybe isn't, there is only one conclusion to be drawn; that the Powerball is both FUN and PHYSICALLY BENEFICIAL to use. Nomatter what physical condition you're in and as long as you can hold and operate the Powerball, you too can benefit from this wonderful device, as have millions of individuals around the world.

 WARNING: These devices can be addictive !!

Keywords: Carpal Tunnel, Hand Strength

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