By: Pottimate  11-11-2011
Keywords: Seat Covers, Recycled Paper, Toilet Seat

Covers the complete toilet seat - more hygienic than putting toilet paper on the toilet seat

Toilet sat covers flush away automatically thanks to the special flap that hangs in the toilet bowl

No touching the toilet seat

No toilet seat covers on the ground

The flap avoids men having direct contact with the inside of the toilet bowl

Always handy - empty or absent dispensers are no longer a problem

Dissolves 4 times faster than ordinary toilet paper - less chance of clogging

Made from recycled paper - environment friendly

Paper quality :

Product : MG napkin recycled paper

Substance weight : 17 g/m²

Iso brightness : 70-75 % OE

Solubility : Strength of 1 m² of paper in 60 sec's

Size of seat cover : 42 x 36 cm

Keywords: Recycled Paper, Seat Covers, Toilet Seat, Toilet Seat Covers