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By: Plexware  11-11-2011
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Easily import a variety of information into your accounting or ERP system from Excel!
ReFlow Import for SYSPRO - Usage Instructions

To use the software, follow these simple steps..Step 1: Set up a templateFrom the main ReFlow screen, click New Template. In the Filter list at the top, choose "SYSPRO" so only the templates relevant to SYSPRO are displayed. Navigate through the menu to locate the template you want to use. (The menu is laid out almost identically to the SYSPRO main menu). Click Next once you've chosen the template.
If the dialog below is displayed, navigate to your SYSPRO installation folder and then to Base\Schemas. The file required for the template should then be displayed - double-click it. If the file is not shown, you're probably running ReFlow Import from a computer that is acting as a SYSPRO client rather than the server. If so, you can either copy the Schemas folder from the SYSPRO application server Base folder to the computer or just point to the Schemas folder on the application server if it's in a shared network folder.
In the screen that comes up, you can choose exactly which fields you want to use. Click the "Change Selection" button towards the top of the screen for selection options. Generally, you should only include fields that you want to put data into. Ie. if you don't have data for a particular field, leave it out. The tree on the left shows the different tiers in the template. You can usually untick entire tiers if they're not relevant to what you're doing.The Parameters tab allows you to select options that govern how the data is to be processed. You shouldn't need to modify any of this information for most purposes.Click Next once you've finished selecting/deselecting fields (you can come back to this later if you've made a mistake). Click Next again to jump to creation of the template. The template will be created in Excel and immediately displayed on the screen. Most fields have useful information that you can see by hovering over the field.You can now start capturing data into the template. If you find you've missed a field you need, go back into ReFlow and click Back until you get to the field selection screen again. You can do this as many times as necessary until you are happy all required information is captured. Step 2: Set up a connectionYou now need to set up a connection to the SYSPRO company you want to import into. Remember to always import into a test company first!On the Welcome screen, click the Connections button. Choose "SYSPRO" from the Node list on the top-left, then click New Connection.Fill in the SYSPRO operator name and password, then the company and company password (if applicable). If you've installed ReFlow Import on a SYSPRO-client computer tick "Transmit data via SYSPRO Web Services" and fill in the WebService URL. If you don't know the URL or don't know if SYSPRO WebServices are installed on your SYSPRO Server, contact your IT administrator for help.Click Test to verify the connection. If the test is successful, give the profile a name (or click the "Use this name" link) and click Save.
Step 3: Obtain a trial licenseOn the Welcome screen, click Licensing, then Enter License Key. Phone or email us by clicking the email link in the Product Activation screen so we can issue a trial license. Without a license, you'll be able to set up templates and manage connections but not run the actual imports.Step 4: Import the dataClick "Import Data" in the Welcome screen. Choose an Excel spreadsheet, then choose the Workbook in that sheet that contains the data you want to import.
Select a database connection from the list and finally, click Import. Once processing is complete, you'll be shown a report indicating whether the import was successful.Expect to have to make a few changes to what you've captured and retry before the imports go through successfully. Also, try to keep your initial imports as simple as possible. Once you have a successful import you can add the more complex fields you need in the template. If you have any trouble using the software, don't hesitate to contact us!Happy Importing!

Keywords: Erp System

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This means that integration status can be monitored entirely within the third-party application if necessary and also means that no customised developmnent is required to track what's processed and what's still pending. For instance, if invoice data is extracted from a third-party application and processed into SYSPRO, ReFlow can put the SYSRPO Invoice number into a specific field in the invoice table of the original database.


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Choose "Pastel Evolution" from the Node list on the top-left, then click New Connection.Fill in the name of the Server in which your Pastel Evolution database resides, then either tick "Use Windows authentication" or fill in a username and password. You'll be shown a report indicating whether the import was successful.Expect to have to make a few changes to what you've captured and retry before the imports go through successfully.