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By: Plexware  11-11-2011

  • Extracts data from most types of databases

    ReFlow can extract data out of most databases (any ODBC source) and our scripting system enables developers to describe exactly what should be extracted and how the data should be assembled into a document for processing.

  • Totally Automated

    The ReFlow engine runs as a Windows Service and has it's own built-in scheduler. You can schedule specific integration tasks on certain days at any desired interval.

  • Comprehensive logs and email notifications

    ReFlow logs all transactions from start to finish. You can view these logs in a variety of intuitive formats and also tell ReFlow which transactions you'd like to receive email notifications for.

  • Updates the originating database with the outcome of a transaction

    Once a transaction is processed, ReFlow can update the database the data came from, marking it as failed or successful. For instance, if invoice data is extracted from a third-party application and processed into SYSPRO, ReFlow can put the SYSRPO Invoice number into a specific field in the invoice table of the original database. Likewise if an error occurred, the error message can be written back. This means that integration status can be monitored entirely within the third-party application if necessary and also means that no customised developmnent is required to track what's processed and what's still pending.

  • WebService feature

    ReFlow's WebService enables developers to transmit data to ReFlow from across a network or the internet. All transactions are authenticated before being processed.

  • Super-easy setup

    All the information that describes the integration process is stored in ReFlow's internal settings system. If you need ReFlow configured on a number of servers (at each branch in your organisation for instance), simply install the software, import the settings pack and you're ready to go!

  • Write your own plugins

    If you need to integrate with a system that ReFlow doesn't currently support, you can write your own Integration Node Plugin. Deploying the plugin is as easy as placing the DLL in the plugins folder.

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    Plexware - ReFlow Import for SYSPRO

    If so, you can either copy the Schemas folder from the SYSPRO application server Base folder to the computer or just point to the Schemas folder on the application server if it's in a shared network folder.In the screen that comes up, you can choose exactly which fields you want to use.


    Plexware - ReFlow Import for Pastel Evolution

    Choose "Pastel Evolution" from the Node list on the top-left, then click New Connection.Fill in the name of the Server in which your Pastel Evolution database resides, then either tick "Use Windows authentication" or fill in a username and password. You'll be shown a report indicating whether the import was successful.Expect to have to make a few changes to what you've captured and retry before the imports go through successfully.