About the PLED LED Products

By: Pled  11-11-2011
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PLED offers a full range of indoor & Outdoor LED screens including curtains..

PLED introduces Picturebox..

a truly self-contained mobile 11 sqm high resolution LED screen. The Picturebox has a built in sound system, vehicle stabilizers, video processor and vision mixer. In addition a 15 sqm stage, cameras and scenic can be added. The super silent 40 kva generator ensures the Picturebox can be used anywhere, anytime.There is simply no other product available that can deliver 24 sqm of high resolution screen so efficiently, taking just 10 minutes from arrival to deliver image and audio on screen. Picturebox is available throughout South Africa for events, promotions and advertising.
Our Modular solution called PictureWall..

comprises of 10mm Virtual pitch cabinets which is built and suspended from a goal post type structure.
The structure is built on-site using industry specific trussing and rigging including electric motors and safety equipment. The trussing system can be built in endless configurations to meet any requirement.We can do screen sizes up to 9m x 5m for large shows with incredible picture clarity. The screen brightness can be controlled so that the display can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The screen is designed to be fully waterproof so that it can operate in any weather conditions. State of the art Barco processors are used to ensure optimal performance and picture clarity.Often there is a requirement for a big display as the centre attraction with smaller displays further towards the back of the audience. The Modular PictureWall will act as the main screen and PLed Mobile PictureBox units will be strategically placed as relay screens or gap fillers. Another example of where a total solution is provided would include cycling and marathon events where mobile PictureBox units will be utilized at the starting point of the race and the Modular PictureWall would be erected at the finishing line.

Keywords: Led Screens, Screens