Patynum Office Interior design services

By: Platynum  11-11-2011
Keywords: space planning

Platynum Interiors, as work place specialists, offer a comprehensive service that incorporates the design and construction of workplace interiors as well as the refurbishment of existing office interiors. Platynum Interiors turnkey services encompass the following main elements:

1. Research and Development

Space Needs Analysis

This is the investigation of how your staff compliment relates to and occupies space. It takes into account present staff count, vacant posts, and future staff requirements. It considers how staff members are accommodated in terms of their specific tasks and job titles, e.g. do they sit in open plan or enclosed office spaces? What are their paper management or filing and furniture requirements? What facilities do they require to perform their daily functions and where these facilities are located? How is staff welfare to be incorporated into the office space? What are the meeting room requirements of the different departments?

With our unique and sophisticated analysis tools, we are able to provide our clients with accurate office space requirements which can be used to evaluate the efficiency of your current office space and/or the suitability of a proposed new site.

Work Space Standards

With the information provided by the Space Needs Analysis and workflow requirements done in consultation with our clients, we are able to set up Work Space Standards that form the basis of the office layout. This is the specification of the type and quantity of furniture to be provided to each type of staff member, taking into account their specific tasks, functions and job titles, and the size and type of office space that they are to occupy. This enables us to start forming a unique interior identity for your company, as well as a basis to work with for future related office refurbishments or alterations.

Work Flow Studies

2. Block Planning

After the analysis of all the relevant research information, the approved work space standards can be graphically presented on a plan of the specific project space, with each required item or person or department represented by coloured blocks to indicate how much office space is required and how they will be placed in relation to each other. The suitability of the office interior layout and size of a specific site can be verified in this way.

3. Space Planning

Space planning or the preliminary plan is a space plan showing the blueprint of how a company can be accommodated within a specific building or space, with the detail of furniture and proposed structure indicated. It uses the block plan as the foundation onto which the walls and other structures can be placed. This plan also incorporates the conceptual design as an interpretation of the client’s brief to the designers.

4. Interior Finishes Specification

5. Detailed Drawings

These drawings are the technical version of the agreed office layout plans, incorporating all aspects and details of the construction thereof including the finishes, fittings and furniture to be used in each office space. The detailed architectural drawing enable a successful site and end product by instructing contractors exactly what is required of them regarding the demolition of existing structures, the erection of new structures, electrical, lighting, data and telephone provision, wall, window, ceilings and flooring applications, shop fitting and furniture.

6. Budget

Using the detailed drawings, our Quantity Surveyors compile a document with the particulars of all the elements used in the design. These particulars are further expanded through a break down of the cost of the construction of the project as well as all related fees.

7. Project Management

Platynum Interiors project managers are an integral link between the client, the designers and sub-contractors. They are experienced in achieving deadlines, maintaining positive relationships with the client and their technical understanding of all elements of design, construction and aesthetics, are critical to a project’s successful completion. The role of Project Manager is to ensure that each job runs smoothly, according to programme and adhere to our rigorous quality standards.

8. Relocation

Our Project Managers are experienced in making office relocations as stress free as possible by taking over the crucial planning and overseeing roles from the client. We work in conjunction with the design team and client to ascertain the smoothest and least disruptive staff moves required to enable construction of an existing office area in phases, as well as moving into a newly fitted out office space.

9. Full Turnkey Service

The turnkey service that Platynum offers to our clients is a complete service that enables you to merely have to “turn the key” to enter into their new office environment. Any of the above services can be chosen, or the option of letting Platynum take care of the whole process can be opted for. Within our consultative process, we fulfil our clients’ vision to the full.

Keywords: space planning