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By: Plastichem  11-11-2011

Vulcanization is the conversion of a high-molecular material from the plastic to the elastic state. One of the key chemical reactions in this process is that of rubber and sulfur. Sulfur vulcanization, widely used in the rubber industry, requires the use of vulcanization accelerators such as Vulkacit®.

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Baypren® is based on 2-cholor-1,3-butadiene which is manufactured via water-based emulsion polymerization in the presence of emulsifiers, activators etc. The importance of Baypren® is not due to excellence in a single property, but to a combination of technically essential properties that cannot otherwise be obtained.


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LANXESS has core expertise in the form of chemical and application-related know-how, flexible asset management and customer proximity. Its core business comprises the development, manufacture and sale of plastics, rubber, specialty chemicals and intermediates. It focuses on premium business.


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The materials portfolio of PTS covers the spectrum from soft to hard, rigid to flexible, transparent to high opacity or coloured, lubricated low friction to soft grip, insulating to conductive and providing the designer with an exciting array of possibilities. PTS is the premier independent materials specialist in Germany, dedicated to being the leader in engineering thermoplastic materials and performance additives.


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Renowned manufacturers throughout the world have come to appreciate the constant high quality of BASF's products as well as their excellent technical service. BASF plastics have been developed and optimized for almost every conceivable application - BASF plastics are employed to great advantage. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of plastics, BASF has one of the most comprehensive product lines.