Plascon Trade

By: Plascon Trade  11-11-2011

In line with the Paint with Imagination positioning statement and to highlight the functional or scientific benefit, Plascon has identified unique technological benefits, called Hero Technology, for each of the flagship brands.
These formulation benefits have been given more prominence through an illustrative icon.
The Double Velvet Hero Ingredient is the unique stain barrier that forms a multi-layered protective coating preventing dirt from penetrating the paint.
The Velvaglo Hero Ingredient is Polytough, a unique polyurethane enamel that cross-links to form a resilient protective barrier that makes Velvaglo heat, steam, chip and stain resistant.
The Wall& All Hero Ingredient is the unique Dirt Barrier formulation that protects your exterior walls by inhibiting the growth of mould and fungus, plus delivers superior dirt resistance.
The Nuroof Hero Ingredient is the unique Enviroshield formulation with a UV protector ensuring your roof retains it colour and beauty for longer.
In October 2007, Micatex proudly joined the ranks of the Plascon flagship range, offering a 7-year quality guarantee and a refreshed colour range - with 10 of the standard colours being replaced by a new range of trendy exterior colours, inspired by nature.
The colour card now offers main and accent colours for great colour schemes.
Micatex  hero ingredient “Weatherblock” – the unique Weatherblock formulation with waterbeading, which improves early water resistance.
Weatherblock, in combination with Mica and Marble now protects your walls, year after year, by not only filling existing hairline cracks, but by also preventing future hairline cracks..
When Cashmere was launched in 2001, it joined the Plascon Flagship Range as the first paint in South Africa to combine the aesthetic appeal of a plush matt finish, with the practical benefits of washability and stain resistance.
From the onset, the product’s performance spoke for itself with consumers becoming loyal users and brand ambassadors.
In 2007, the Department of Trade and Industry the innovation award for Cashmere’s Vesiculated bead technology, which allows it to be washable, yet remain matt, at the same time reducing our impact on the environment.
With this 2008 re-launch of the Plascon flagship range, Cashmere boasts two more notable improvements.
The first is its new distinguishing pack colour, which has evolved from purple to a richer coffee colour, and the second improvement is its hero ingredient icon.
This Hero Ingredient icon indicates Cashmere’s unique triple action bead technology, which diffuses more light thereby hiding imperfections and forming a protective barrier, which maintains an absolute matt finish over time, even with regular wiping.