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By: Plant A Tree  11-11-2011

National Arbor week is around the corner and it is up to us as individuals to do something about it. Yes there are hundreds of charities doing their bit and raising awareness but it will all be in vain if we as humans do nothing about it.

Let us tell you how easy it is:

1. Go to your local nursery and speak to someone, tell them you are looking to plant something in support of arbor week

2. Buy the tree/plant that they recommend and go home and plant it

3. Simple, you have done something about it.

Should you be unable to do this, get involved in a charity of some sort, there are hundreds, even like us. Just google it and see what you can find.

We are doing our best to plant trees and we have already planted 10 trees this month and hope to push those numbers up. If you want to read a bit more on Arbor Week, go look here at the following sites:

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