By: Pifsa  11-11-2011
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PIFSA Membership Services and Benefits
The Federation provides a wide range of services to members at national and industry level, with the Chambers servicing the needs at regional and operational levels.

Your membership benefits include:

1.      Industry Level Representation

  •         Relevant SETA
  •         Statutory Council
  •         Labour Affairs
  •         SACCI
  •         Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  •         SATU Retirement Funds
  •         Book Development Council
  •         Cheque and MICR Standards Authority
  •         Government Lobby and Consultation
    •         Department of Arts & Culture
    •         Department of Education
    •          Department of Trade & Industry
    •          Department of Finance
    •          Department of Environmental Affairs
    •         International and National Trade Exhibitions
    •         International Printing Federations and Associations
      •          Printing Industries Federation of America………
      •          British Printing Industries Federation
      •          Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)

2       Dispute Resolution

  •         Resolution of Commercial Disputes
  •         Labour Disputes
  •         Technical Expertise

3.       Management Consulting Services

  •         Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
  •         Expert Legal Evidence
  •         PrintSecure – Security Printing Authority
  •         Calculation of Cost Recovery Rates on request
  •         Employment Equity
  •         Print-related surveys on request

4.       Industry Communications

  •         Regular Chamber News Bulletins
  •         Updates on Industry Developments
  •         Trade News
  •         Website Home Page and Information on Line
  •         National and International News
  •         Member to Member Communications
  •         Advertising
  •         Printalk, a PIFSA national communication published in Packaging and Print Media

5.       Labour Relations

  •         Use the Chambers’ services to prevent problems arising, or to assist with problems that have arisen.
  •         Labour Relations Services include:
    •          Preparation for CCMA/Statutory Council Hearings
    •          Representation at the CCMA and Statutory Council
    •          Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings
    •          Appeal hearings
    •          Assistance with the initiation of disciplinary issues.
    •          Counselling
    •          Advice on labour matters
    •          Union relations
    •          Negotiations concerning wages and service conditions
    •          Retrenchments and restructuring
    •          Employment terms and conditions
    •          Provisions of documentation such as minutes of meetings, hearings, notices, letters etc.
    •          Free telephonic advice

6.       Training and Development

  •         Technical and Technical Theoretical Training .
  •         Short Course Programmes
    •          Estimating Training
    •          Introduction to Print
    •          Supervisor Development
    •          Skills Development Planning
    •          Skills Development Facilitators

7.       PIFSA Finance Contact the Chamber for financial solutions for the finance of capital expenditure, (equipment, machinery, vehicles etc) imports/exports and much more

8.       Credit Control Standardised Credit Application form (Trade Agreement) which is industry specific and aligned with current legislation

9.       Human Resources Management

  •         Job descriptions
  •         Job evaluations
  •         Personnel filing system
  •         HIV/AIDS Policy
  •         Policy and Procedure Manuals
  •         Various Employment Guidelines
  •         Incentive Schemes
  •         Employment Selection Panels

10.    Secretarial Services and Administration

  •         PEASA – Printing Employers Association of South Africa
  •         IPEASA – Independent Packaging Employers Association of South Africa
  •         SASPA -South African Screen Printing Association
  •         GSIG –Graphic Specialty Interest Group
  •         CPA – Cheque Printers Association
    Arranging various committee meetings in the area authorized by the following groups:
  •         CPIASA – Corrugating and Paperboard Industries Association of South Africa
  •         FTASA – Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa
  •         PEMIG – PIFSA Envelope Manufacturers Interest Group
  •         PEIG – PIFSA Environmental Interest Group
  •         Administration of the YMP (Young Management Printers) to ensure a crop of skilled, experienced management for the future.

11.    Additional Services Offered

  •         Arranging management orientated seminars, conferences and workshops in association with universities and or foreign experts
  •         Mediations between members and their competitors and between members and their clients
  •         To provide a channel of communication through which member’s views and fears may be expressed to the National Body
  •         To provide the means for members to advise their colleagues of their requirements for the purchase and/or sale of materials and equipment
  •         Judging and co-ordination of competitions

Keywords: employment, printing