Specialist competence in the provision of physical risk consulting services within high-risk business operating environments

By: Physical Risk  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security, Security Management, Security System

Our consultants conduct a comprehensive assessment, which forms the foundation on which all further solutions are based. We are particularly competent in performing pre-investment assessments for organizations intending to embark upon extensive projects.

We have the required exceptional competence in on-site project security management to appreciably improve the project feasibility through the employment of suitable security strategies, thereby protecting the client’s investment in a business environment otherwise perceived as being non-viable.

Protection of company assets, i.e. people, property, buildings, information & - networks through the design and establishment of a cost-effective security system (procedures, physical infra-structure, technology and manpower).

We standardise the physical risk reduction and – control through the design/development of a company security policy and security procedures.

We develop and implement pragmatic contingency plans to mitigate the effects of emergencies and other business related risks such as terror threats, evacuations, natural disasters, fires, chemical spills, labour unrest, public violence, etc.

Should you have the need to establish security management into your organization yet you lack the time and/or expertise, we are able to offer permanent or part-time assistance.

Trips to high-risk countries and areas can be both daunting and disappointing when not sufficiently prepared and informed. We assist our clients with their VIP itineraries by introducing suitable discreet protective measures to ensure the security and safety of their personnel.

- Geo-political Security Risk Assessment (SRA) based on the envisaged Estate Master Plan and/or preliminary design plans.
- Security System Design Report which aligns with the Estate Project Management's civil -, electrical/mechanical engineering -, aesthetical – and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design considerations to produce an effective and pragmatic security system design.
- Security System Functional Specification with all the technical specifications for the installation and commissioning of each component of each security sub-system. It forms the source document for the security chapter of the Estate Project Data Book.
- Security System User Manuals.
- Estate Standing Operating Security Standards, Emergency Plans & Supplier Agreements.

Keywords: Project Security Management, Security, Security Management, Security System, Security System Design