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Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA)

EDTA chelates a variety of metal ions.  It improves the performance of shampoos and eliminates formation of unwanted scum.  In detergents, it helps improve washing performance by forming complexes with Ca2+ or Mg2+. As a stabilizer, it prevents ingredients in a given formula from binding with trace elements (particularly minerals) that can exist in water and other ingredients to cause unwanted product changes such as texture, odor, and consistency problems.

Disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (Disodium EDTA) 

Disodium EDTA chelates a variety of metal ions.  Like other forms of EDTA, it can be used in a variety of products from shampoo, to detergents, to hair dye.  It is available as a salt for specific formulating needs.

LACTROL® is a registered trademark of Phibro Animal Health Corporation.

Keywords: Animal Health, Registered Trademark

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It provides excellent adhesion under a wide range of conditions to non-polar substrates such as polypropylene as well as to polar substrates like polyethylene terephthalate and aluminum. Auroren is a non-chlorinated polyolefin resin used for adhesion promoters, primers, coatings and adhesives to gain good adhesion to a variety of low surface energy substrates.



This benefit explains the long history of use within the automotive industry and the further branching out into other applications. Most commonly Superchlon is used to provide adhesion to low surface energy substrates containing olefinic material. Superchlon is a high-performance adhesion promoter for paint, coatings and adhesives. LACTROL® is a registered trademark of Phibro Animal Health Corporation.



Beyond the metallic look PhibroPearl® is a high-value, high-quality solution for achieving special-effect color matches. Pearl-like luster is created when incident light is reflected or refracted by the metal oxide coatings. PhibroPearl® is a trademark of Phibro Animal Health Corporation and its affiliates. Printing Inks - Broadly used in the printing business for many specialty colors.


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