By: Pharmessen  11-11-2011
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SlimTrax® is a unique blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that synergistically manage weight control without stimulants.

Proven effective in Europe, SlimTrax is an all natural weigh loss product that contains no stimulants, but provides powerful antioxidants.

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LifeTrek® is a patented proprietary blend of powerful essential oils, omega 3 and omega 7 essential fatty acids, beta carotene and liposoluable vitamins that supports vitality, flexibility and maintains cardiovascular and immune functions as demanded for today's active lifestyle.

Produced and manufactured by a unique patented formulation and recombination process (NRP) which brings together natural balanced plant oils constituents with the capability to maintain or optimize day-to-day activities.

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SportsTrek® is a patented, proprietary, antioxidant blend of oils and cocoa extracts supplemented with trace minerals to support bone structure, movement, functionality, and visual and mental acuity to meet the demands of athletic and high-stress activities. SportsTrek® is designed for the active adult or athlete who wants to improve physical and mental performance.

Clove oil-Eugenol is powerfull antioxidant, Thymus capitatus oil prevents inflammation during the performance, gives more flexibility and metabolism enhancement. Cocoa extract with the main constituent, theobromine, is used in such small percentage that it is not causing a perceptible brain stimulant event but enough to accelerate cellular metabolism.

Feel less fatigue, speed up recovery process - 100% NO STIMULANTS!

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JuniorTrek®s patent-pending, all-natural, high anti-oxidant formula consistnig of standardized cinnamon leaf, ginger, olive, clove bud oils, and probiotic fiber; Nutraflora®, provides the first weight management formula of its kind specifically targeting children and young adults, ages 12-19 years.

This safe, yet effective, revolutionary water activated formula and recombination process (NRP) is designed to combat over-eating and obesity which adversely affects a large percentag of theyounger generation. JuniorTrek® offers a ground-breaking food supplement that proactively aids in reducing serious future adult health complications associated with overeating and obesity.

Keywords: Essential Oils, oils, Stimulants, Weight Control,