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By: Pharmed  11-11-2011

Pharmed has 51% interest in Virtual Logistics. Its growth and fortune is inextricably bound to Pharmed’s turnover.
VIRTUAL LOGISTICS was formed out of a need to supply and administer a professional supply chain solutions and ongoing management thereof to the pharmaceutical, medical and surgical related industries
Virtual Logistics owns a fleet of 43 vehicles, which delivers twice daily to areas around Durban, and offers an overnight service nationally, which enhances our goodwill with our local and national customers. We can boast that our deliveries to outlying areas is faster than the local wholesalers in the area.

VIRTUAL LOGISTICS has been able to harness its expertise in providing a role model for what is true pharmaceutical supply chain management, by being able to provide holistic, flexible and non-linear supply chain solutions and the ongoing management thereof.VIRTUAL LOGISTICS is positioned as a third and fourth party logistics service provider, providing both the logistics infrastructure capability and the logistics capital capability to define and deliver complete supply chain solutions, handling all aspects of its clients' inbound and outbound supply chain, thus allowing its clients to focus on their core business.

VIRTUAL LOGISTICS is able to offer solutions across the entire supply chain.  Solutions range from operational through to tactical and strategic.  VIRTUAL LOGISTICS has the acquired skills and intellectual capital enabling excellence in service delivery to customers.
VIRTUAL LOGISTICS has defined itself as a forward thinking supply chain management company that keeps you in control of your outsourced distribution, thus growing your market position, brand strength and profitability enabling the Principal to be in control of their business and success thereof.    


The physical distribution is a key element in the total supply chain offering, whereas the product price and promotional programmes are vital elements in a marketing strategy, most of the emphasis has always been placed on the first three elements.  In a highly competitive environment it has become imperative that South African company's are effectively able to deliver "the right product in the right place at the right time".  This means that it is vital that these companies have access to an effective and well resourced nationwide network of distribution centers.
VIRTUAL LOGISTICS operates an extensive, flexible national and cross border network to over 3500 destinations within 24 to 48 hours from the time the order is taken to delivery, ensuring maximum penetration of markets.Virtual Logistics also prides itself with "same day" capabilities to all major centers within South Africa, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
VIRTUAL LOGISTICSprides itself in its owned and outsourced "owner driver" fleet capabilities with state of the art tracking and fleet management.
Utilizing the "Quick Response" (JIT) concept, manufacturers are able to concentrate their efforts, time and investment on product innovation and marketing.
Virtual Logistics objective, is to provide our customers with an effective, flexible, reliable, secure, and cost effective guaranteed distribution service that will increase the Principals profits by unlocking hidden profits tied up in inefficient supply chains.  VIRTUAL LOGISTICS believes in establishing "long term" relationships with our customers by being transparent.  Meetings are held on an "open book" basis to identify the cost drivers in the service provided so that the partners can jointly decide on the appropriate actions to be taken, thus enhancing the total service.Due to Pharmed’s partnership with VIRTUAL LOGISTICS, we believe that jointly we will be able to improve the platform of distribution to the healthcare sector.

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