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By: Pharmed  11-11-2011

The Professional Hospital Pharmacy Provider

Pharmed Hospital Division was created to facilitate the overall management, processing and payment of hospital suppliers. It is coming into its own market. The administration functions performed by this entity have evolved into a very streamlined process which has gained the reputation and respect of suppliers and manufacturers with whom it deals.Who We Are and What We Do?
Pharmed Hospital Division opened in March 2007, and is a service provider for a leading, independent, private hospital group.


Over the past year, several successful projects have been implemented, resulting in substantial savings for key consumable products. The client hospitals have thus seen an increase in the gross profits.Supplier Relationships:
Negotiations are conducted in a professional manner to ensure benefits to both the hospital and suppliers. Efforts are made to sustain favourable supplier relationships. The supplier payments are monitored to
ensure an excellent standing with the suppliers, and encourage the best possible payment terms.Compliance Management:
The standardization process is monitored monthly to measure compliance to the selected products.
This information is shared with the pharmacies and suppliers, with a view to continuing improvement.What Makes Us Different?
Legal & Professional Services:
Regular visits to the hospitals and pharmacies take place. The pharmacy is assessed for legal and
professional compliance to the Pharmacy Council GPP Guidelines, and advice is given on improvements,
where necessary. A full set of Standard Operating Procedures has been developed and is updated as new SOP’s are required. The Pharmacy Manager has an experienced support base for all pharmacy related problems.Product Database Management:
A new product database has been developed. This provides a comprehensive Price File for both ethical
and surgical products. The web based system provides easy access to both suppliers and clients, and is updated on a daily basis. We have the ability to benchmark our price file against industry standards.
E-Procurement provides for electronic ordering to all suppliers, reducing time and money. Out of stock situations are quickly communicated, facilitating the easy access to alternative options.
A Consignment Stock Management module will reduce problems generally experienced with this
category of stock. The main consignment stock suppliers will be involved to assist the management
of the stock, as well as the timeous provision of pro forma invoices.What We Add?
Profitability for Client Hospitals is ensured by the following processes:• Product standardization, involving evaluations and negotiations with suppliers to be the preferred supplier
for the group, on a line item basis.• Cost containment and monitoring non recoverable spend.Client hospitals have received tangible benefits with both the above processes, and have thus improved
their profitability. Our relationship with Pharmed Pharmaceuticals adds value to the Hospital division with their: • Delivery Service, twice daily to areas around Durban, and offer an overnight service nationally
• Reduce Shelf Pressure
• One-Stop Shopping, assisted by informed staff
• Prompt Professional Personal Service
What makes us Different?Professional Pharmacy ServicesWe offer a national comprehensive pharmacy management package, inclusive of procurement at the same price as stand alone procurement.Added Benefits:
We offer a standardization process to substantially reduce costs on surgical prices.Legal and Professional Compliance
These benefits include:
• Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures
• Ensure pharmacies exceed SAPC standards
• Assistance with CPD-mandatory for Pharmacists in 2011Comprehensive Product Database
• Unique Price File with relevant cost fields.
• E - Procurement and Consignment Stock Management

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