By: Pfisterer  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cables, silicone rubber

News from the world of PFISTERER. From press releases to new products in our four divisions: Cable Systems, Components, Overhead Lines and Railway Catenary Systems.
The new oil-free sealing ends for high-voltage cables are suitable for all voltage level categories up to 170 kV and conductor cross sections up to 2500 mm².

 Battery-supplied, powerful and flexible tool usage: the new battery-powered high-pressure pump AP5 makes it easier to produce compressions.

Copper or aluminium conductor cables can be connected perfectly and efficiently with the IXOSIL one piece silicone rubber slip-on joint.
Electronic power meter and data reading equipment make smart metering, the intelligent measuring of energy consumption, possible. PFISTERER supplies this reliable interface with PLCON, the new connection for smart metering data concentrators. It can easily be installed in a few minutes.
The cable connection system established in the rail sector is also meeting with growing acceptance in industry. The VEM Group of companies equips large engines with the space-saving and cost-effective plug system.
One grid, many voltage levels, several voltage testers. no need however for the last of those: With the new KP-Test 5 dual, power providers and maintenance companies can reliably cover several voltage levels across a range of 1 to 36 kV with just one voltage tester.
With its new 2DIREKT XL transformer connection clamp, PFISTERER is extending the application range of the tried and tested 2DIREKT product family for distribution transformers: Thanks to innovative screw-in-screw technology, it is able to connect up to six lines with cross sections of 185 to 400 mm.2 Comfortable and reliable on a long-term basis.
Specialists work at dizzying heights when earthing high-voltage power lines. PFISTERER makes this job a lot easier with an intriguingly detailed solution.
PFISTERER remains committed to further development of the CONNEX dry plug-in connection system: After revising size 5-S and optimising size 4, work is now in progress on the new version of size 6/6-S - type-tested successfully in July 2009 for Um 245 kV in accordance with IEC 62067 10/2001.
There have been some good news recently from the CIGRE headquarters in Paris. The Administrative Council of the leading worldwide Organization on Electric Power Systems appointed Dr. Konstantin O. Papailiou, CEO of PFISTERER Group, as Chairman of the Study Committee B2 (Overhead Lines).
The new 2DIREKT compression bolt with ball pin enables direct earthing to be established on transformers - a technical innovation and an important contribution towards improved workplace safety.
Voltage testers from the KP-Test product family are being used worldwide. PFISTERER has now launched the new KP-Test 5H for the high-voltage range from 36 to 420 kV – successfully tested in accordance with IEC 61243-1 by the Institute of Electrical Energy Supply and High-Voltage Technology (IEEH) at the Technical University of Dresden.
Now the proven connecting principle used by the 2DIREKT transformer terminal clamps is also available for connections to strap rails or terminal lugs. This means that the advantages of the 2DIREKT technology can now be applied to the connection of low-voltage distribution boards, and uniform joining technology can be used from the distribution transformer through to the voltage distribution board.
The cable manufacturer General Cable has been placing its trust in the quality of PFISTERER’s cable fittings since 2003. Now the renowned testing institute KEMA has confirmed, as an independent third party, the performance of PFISTERER’s products following an endurance test conducted on General Cable’s high-voltage cables.
The PLUG plug-in connector system has been made for use in harsh environmental conditions. For even greater stability and the elegant connection of shielded cables, two of the tried and tested connector types are now available in a new design with an aluminium housing.
After the reissue of the size 5-S of the CONNEX dry pluggable cable connection system, size 4 of the product family is also now available with new advantages.
Now SICON is also available for high-voltage applications: the special design for large cross-sections of up to 1600mm² is ideally suitable for use in high-voltage joints – e.g. in conjunction with PFISTERER slip-on joints type IXOSIL MSA.
The unique feature of the new terminal is the movable spindle with a swivel range of 20 degrees. With the aid of the spindle, lines are easily accessible, even from unfavourable inclines, as the clamp body with its wide contact surfaces is installed in the inclined position and fits closely to the line, – even if the case of a short-circuit.
The 2DIREKT product family has grown: PFISTERER now also offers the versatile transformer terminal clamp in a six-conductor design which accommodates cable cross-sections of up to 400 mm². This large conductor cross-section is often chosen for long connecting cables to minimise voltage drop in the cable.
PFISTERER has now made available its globally proven and tested classic with the appropriate cable joint box set for all cable types and cross-sections.
The new SICON pressure bolt achieves 20 - 40 percent more contact force than conventional connector bolts. At the same time, control of the screw thread friction means that fine conductors are deformed and clamped with only the slightest contact force. With SICON, all types of cable are therefore connected in a contact-preserving and gentle way.
After several years dominating the Polish cable system market on the 123kV level we will deliver the first time six composite outdoor terminations for the Siemens project Petnow 2.
The construction of the Swiss power distribution system already dates back quite a few years. Many substations have been in service for over 30 years and are gradually approaching the end of their working lives. As a result of the increased importance attached to security of en-ergy supply in recent years, work has been steadily pressing ahead with the renewal process. PFISTERER IXOSIL AG, Altdorf, has succeeded in winning a number of these cable renewal projects.
For constant restraint of catenary wires and carrier cables in rail transport.
For constant restraint of catenary wires and carrier cables on trains and buses.
The First Cable Connectors System with Stepless Shear Bolts.

Keywords: Cables, silicone rubber

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