Peter's Gate Herbal Centre is a South African Herbal Experience with the largest variety of herb plants in Kwa-zulu Natal and one of the largest in So

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  Our products are made on site using a wide range of herbs, organically grown on our farm or made using essential oils from a guaranteed source to give you the purest product available.    I       I       I   
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HERBSWe have an extensive range of herb plants for sale. From Agrimony to Yarrow, Burdock to Lady�s Mantle and everything in between.
Please for a full seasonal availability list. We also grow small quantities of herb plugs, including those of accredited essential oil plants. Product lists and herb lists are available as wholesale as well. Please specify a trade enquiry.

These creams are packaged in 125 gm containers.
R50.00 Aloe vera cream
Apply topically for rashes, bites, burns, sunburn, brown sun spots and chapped, inflamed skin.
Calendula Cream (seasonal)
Excellent for teenage skin, pimples, rashes, nappy rash, brown spots and other skin conditions.
Comfrey Cream
A healing soothing cream for boils, ulcers, injuries to muscles and joints and many skin conditions.
Eczema Cream
Ideal for itchy, weeping eczema and dry flaking eczema.
Foot Balm
A healing and anti - fungal cream.
Hand Cream
Moisturising healing combination.
African Potato Healing Cream
A general heal all.
Lavender Moisturiser
Centella asiatica and lavender in a mild cream for all skin types. Centella increases collagen levels in the skin to help prevent wrinkles.
Vein Away
Helps remove those stubborn thread veins and ease varicose veins. Use regularly.

Tinctures have been formulated to help various problems.
Available in 50ml and 100ml dark glass
50 ml R30.00; 100ml R50.00 Alert - Increases mental alertness
Arthritis � Relieves pain and inflammation
Colds, flu & Sinus � Relieves the symptoms of colds, flu and sinus.
Detox � Helps to rid the system of toxins
Immunity � Contains important immune boosting herbs
Sleep & Stress � Contains herbs which facilitate sleep and relaxation
Tummy � Contains soothing and healing carminative herbs.

These oils are of the highest quality. R 35.00
Basil - antibacterial, invigorating
Bergamot �Warming, anti depressant
Cedar wood � Warming, enhances hair growth
Cinnamon � warming and mood enhancing
Citronella � repels insects, especially mosquitoes
Clary Sage � Relaxing, facilitates sleep
Eucalyptus � Decongestant and antiseptic
Grapefruit � Cellulite and Water retention
Juniper � Anti bacterial, Skin and Scalp conditions
Lemongrass � Invigorating, Mozzie repellant
Lemon �Anti viral, Uplifting
Orange - Anti bacterial, Mood enhancing
Palma Rosa � Effective antibacterial, antifungal
Peppermint � Cooling, Decongestant, Anti fungal
Rose Geranium - Balancing, Tonic for system (R40)
Rosemary - Improves, concentration, Tonic
Tea Tree � Antifungal, Anti bacterial R45.00
Ylang Ylang � Healing
Lavender � Healing, Sleep inducing, Improves libido
Neroli � Skin conditions, wonderfully mood enhancing
Black Pepper Circulation. Arthritis
Frankincense � Skin problems, mood enhancing
Patchouli � Meditiation and spirituality

Natural, pure vegetable oil soaps with organic essential oils for softening and moisturising skin.
Unscented R20.00; Fragrant Soap R20.00 Natural - unscented, good for eczema
Gardener�s and Kitchen � Scrub for rough skin and to get rid of kitchen smells and dirt on hands
Dog � Excellent for fleas and eczema in dogs
Lavender � Lightly scented with pure lavender oil
Tea Tree �Therapeutic for teenage skins and athletes foot
Love � A romantic blend of essential oils
Abundance � Oils reputed to bring abundance to your life
Healing � Oils which heal and bring relief
Star Signs � All twelve star signs with their own unique blend of oils.

Blends of Herbal infusions and culinary herbs

Alert - Increases mental alertness
Arthritis � Relieves pain and inflammation
Colds, flu & Sinus � Relieves the symptoms of colds, flu and sinus
Detox � Helps to rid the system of toxins
Sleep & Stress � Contains herbs which facilitate sleep and relaxation
Slim � A combination of metabolism boosting herbs
Tummy � Contains soothing and healing carminative herbs

Herbs for Red Meat, Herbs for Pasta, Herbs for White Meat, Herbs d Provence
Delicious herbal blends for culinary use.

Karen Makin has been growing and working with herbs with her husband Geoff for the past 10 years. They have established the largest herb nursery in KwaZulu�Natal.
Karen has shared this knowledge in three booklets:
Where to From Here?A general herbal guide R35.00
The Little Book of LavenderA guide to growing lavendersR30.00
Organic Gardening
Postage is exclusive - R35.00/kg
A guide to growing organicallyR30.00

THE GREEN HERB COAnimal Balm 125g - R50.00
Healing cream for animals. Also available in large sizes for horses. Arthritis Cream 125g - R50.00
An effective natural antiinflammatory and pain killer Germicidal Gel 50gm - R 35.00
Colloidal silver and essential oils make this an effective anti microbial. Excellent for Acne. Herbal Sinus Rub 50gm - R 35.00
Natural vapour gel. Great for stopping snoring too. Spiced Muscle Soother 150gm - R60.00
Excellent for aching muscles and sports injuries Mozzie Muthi 150gm - R40.00
Natural mozzie repellent. No citronella! Varicose Vein Lotion R 60.00
Horse Chestnut, an effective astringent helps to shrink veins and ease the pain. Good for "piles" too. Please contact us for a trade price list, if required.


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