Database Backup and Replication

By: Peer Software  11-11-2011
Keywords: File Replication

From small businesses to large corporations, replication of databases, email systems, and other locked content has become a critical component of disaster recovery and high availability implementations. PeerSync Solutions provide byte-level as well as full file replication of most modern database and email systems without causing any interruption to services for all major database packages. There are several database packages on the market and Peer Software has developed application-specific tools as well as generic backup tools for your database protection needs.
Business Challenges
  • Databases are normally large in size.
  • End Users' need to keep working while a backup is running.
  • The need for an automated close to real-time backup to minimize down time.
Peer Solution's Benefits

Peer Software provides solutions for managing, executing, and automating the backup process of all major database packages.

With our solution, database backups will be unobtrusive to the end user and the network traffic will be minimized by replicating database changes at the byte-level for a fast and least resource-intensive backup.

PeerSync Server was created to provide the foundation for your disk based high data availability requirements. Below are just a few of the core features:

  • One to One OR Many to One Server backup
  • Central Configuration Administration
  • Centralized Monitoring for Backup Status
  • Real-Time and Scheduled Processing
  • Open-File/Database Replication
  • Byte-Level Replication
  • Multi-Threading
  • UNC Path, TCP/IP and FTP Support
  • Configures and runs in minutes instead of hours

Keywords: File Replication

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Laptop & PC Backup

The PeerSync Laptop & PC Backup Package for the Enterprise Workforce addresses each of these challenges and enables centralized configuration, deployment and monitoring of continuous data protection for both laptops and PCs. Data maintained and edited on laptops and PCs represent one of the largest data repositories for companies today, yet are the least protected digital asset.


DFS File Locking

Though DFS R2 is a more reliable and "network friendly" replication tool in comparison to its FRS predecessor, it is still incomplete and inadequate for today's more collaborative environments where data needs to be shared in real-time, among the branch offices and project teams operating in multiple locations.


File Collaboration , real-time file sync, file locking

The surest and simplest way of eliminating version conflicts with any file mirroring solution is to add a true file locking solution - one that offers, at a minimum, real-time detection of file use and immediate remote locking. As companies expand and open new office locations, the requirement for efficient inter-office collaboration becomes increasingly important to ensure that geographic distance does not become an inhibitor of growth.


File Synchronization, File Replication, File Backup Software

PeerLink (Peer File Collaboration Enterprise) was created to provide seamless document collaboration capabilities built around traditional file server management processes. Version conflicts are prevented through distributed real-time file locking ensuring that only one person can edit a file at a time. PeerLink (Peer File Collaboration Enterprise) enables business file sharing and file collaboration for users around the world.