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By: Pdc Holdings  11-11-2011
Keywords: Property Development

  1. Liaise with key stakeholders in the industrial and commercial sectors.
  2. Identify key geographical areas of economic growth and focus sharply on those areas.
  3. Identify and form partnerships with preferred service providers that will enable fast tracked growth.
  4. Identify high potential start-up partners and invest time, effort and skills in their success.
  5. Structure mutually beneficial transactions with all project stakeholders.
  6. Identify and secure lucrative projects.
  7. Track market conditions closely and react promptly to forming trends and market corrections.
  1. Opportunity identification, conceptualisation and realization.
  2. Project feasibilities.
  3. Project finance sourcing and structuring.
  4. Project planning and Project management.
  5. Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering Consulting.
  6. Construction.
  7. Property development processes.
  8. Stakeholder interfacing.
  1. Medium and large scale property developments, specialized in - but not limited to - industrial and commercial zones.
  2. Turn key solutions to property development and housing requirements.
  3. Engineering Consulting.
  4. Project Management.
  5. Turn key solutions for infrastructure projects.
  6. Asset identification, realization and growth.

Hanglip Industrial Development Company is proud to announce the development of a new 309 hectare Industrial Park in the fast developing Lephalale region, called Hanglip Industrial Park. The park will be developed up to proclamation phase and sold to industries and developers alike, enabling industries to set up warehouses, facilities and offices to suit individual requirements. PDC Holdings is also letting a limited number of the erven to prospective buyers in response to the pressing needs of industries to comply with business demands ahead of the proclamation of the development.

Perfectly Positioned
Hanglip's stands are situated in the heart of the earmarked Industrial Corridor, between the Medupi and Matimba power stations, close to Exxaro's Grootegeluk Coal Mine and on-route to SASOL's new proposed CTL facility. This is the most prime location for industries in Lephalale. The park will serve as the perfect quarters for a wide range of industries, including industries servicing power stations and surrounding mining activities. You won't get more prime than this!All Access & Services
  • Phase 1 & 2 borders the national road between Steenbokpan and Lephalale.
  • Phase 3 borders the railway line running on the northern perimeter of the development.
  • Phase 4 borders the railway line on the northern perimeter as well as the national road between Lepahalale and Marapong.
  • PDC Holdings is registered as a private electricity distributer and will therefore distribute power internally to all stands.

Perfect Timing

  • Phase 1 availability falls coincident with the construction of the Medupi power station and the expansion of groottegeluk coal mine.

Peace of Mind
PDC Holdings will managing the project on behalf of Hanglip Industrial Development Company and have selected only the best partners in industry to ensure on-time delivery of targets. Queries pertaining to the status of Hanglip Industrial Park's development can be forwarded to:

Wesley van der Heever, Project Manager
Mobile: +27 82 523 9891, Direct Fax: +27 86 517 0318

Meet Our Sales Team

2. Overview of project

The total property size is 508 hectares and of this a total of 309 hectares are included in the current development plan. The property will be developed in four phases of which Phase 1 in now selling. Table 1

For more information, contact:

Le Roux van den Berg
Managing Director
Mobile: +27 83 666 6240
Direct Fax: +27 86 657 8867

1. Opportunity identified

Steenbokpan is located approximately 50km West of Lephalale. The area is littered with coal reserves and the existing coal export and domestic supply mine, Groottegeluk, feeds the international market as well as the Matimba power station.Recent industrial growth in the area includes the construction of the new Medupi power station adjacent to Matimba, expansion of the Groottegeluk mine, the Sasol Mafutha Coal-To-Liquids plant planned for construction in Steenbokpan and various other mines and industries planning to settle in the area in the near future. As a result Lephalale has seen tremendous growth in the past 18 months and this is set to continue for the next 10 to 15+ years. The area currently supports a population of approximately 25 000, but the future requirement will be in excess of 600 000. It is said that this area will see the largest capital investment in Africa for the next 28 years. The result: delivering the perfect opportunity for property development.

2. Overview of project

One of the stakeholders is the owner of the property, farm Steenbokpan 295-LQ, in district Lephalale. This property is directly adjacent to the proposed development site for the Sasol Mafutha plant and is therefore earmarked for industrial and commercial development. The spatial development framework of Lephalale is confirmation of this. The total property size is 650 hectares. The property will be developed within the parameters, as shown in table 2:
Development Zone Estimated Area (Ha) Estimated # Erven % of Total Development
Business 2 128.00 128 20.00%
Business 3 128.00 256 20.00%
Special 0.00 N/A 0.00%
Industrial 2 192.00 192 30.00%
Municipal 6.40 10 1.00%

Keywords: Property Development