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By: Payntwagon Audio  11-11-2011

Targa Audio offers exception value for money to the South African Car Audio market. Targa caters for everybody from the budget minded individual wanting a little more kick in his system all the way through to the die hard competitor wanting the best money can buy. Targa has a brilliant proven track record on the local IASCA scene with numerous wins in both SPL and Sound Quality.

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Payntwagon Audio - DLS Coaxial Speakers

Most of the models are in the Performance series, but we have also some more exclusive models in the Reference and Ultimate line. Coaxial speakers are often the easiest way to upgrade the sound in your vehicle. The speakers are available in sizes from 4" up to 8" as well as 6x9 and 7x10".


Payntwagon Audio - DLS Car and Home Audio

The ear will always be a judge of a car and home audio system since they will be the only instrument assesing the performance of the audio system in it's final environment. Over the years the brand has won numerous awards for their speaker systems as well as various competitions in both IASCA and EMMA world-wide as well as in South Africa.


Payntwagon Audio - DLS 2/3 Way Systems

The Reference series is for you who want something extra that still can be used without external amps. Performance series are our standard speakers well suited as upgrade speakers in most vehicles. The speakers come in most standard sizes in 2- or 3-way systems, as coaxials or 6x9". If you want the ultimate sound our Ultimate speaker line is the natural choice. DLS Car Audio speakers are divided in three groups.


Payntwagon Audio - DLS Midbass Drivers

DLS Car Audio speakers are also available as seperate components and our most popular midbass drivers are available from Payntwagon Audio as separate units. Nobelium 6 6.5" midbass driver.


Payntwagon Audio - DLS Scandinavia

Transparent and clear sound- Great imaging and staging capabilities - High resolution and dynamics with plenty of micro details - Extremely low distortion. The series consist of high quality speaker drivers developed for competition use or for those who have extremely high demands for good car sound. Recommended X-over frequency: 300 Hz LP / 6 kHz HP.Recommended speaker cable: DLS HQS 2 x 2,5 mmRecommended line cable: DLS HQL.