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By: Paws Resort  11-11-2011
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Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that is how dogs spend their lives - Sue Murphy

At Paws Resort, we take pleasure in providing hounds with such a carefree existence. Let them visit us and they will be sure to show you their appreciation, by rewarding you with lavish wet kisses.

Luxury, spacious accommodation for up to 150 hounds. Individual, fully grassed gardens, with plants and flowers, lots of open space and shady trees.

Paws Resort must have the right to choose the company you keep! With us, size matters! We provide separate sections for small breeds, to ensure that they are not intimidated by the larger ones. Read elsewhere on this site how we differentiate your pet by breed and size.

Heating facilities to keep the cold at bay. Your hound can therefore just enjoy snuggling up and snooze in comfort.

Single’s Club

Every experience is so much better when you have someone to share it with. Compatible single pets who visit us, will be paired up with a friend and will be charged standard rates. Companion kenneling must be discussed with us in advance so we can arrange a visit beforehand, to establish compatibility for sharing.

Housekeeping & Hygiene

All gardens are kept in mint condition, and cleaned on a daily basis, to chase the germs away. Pets are issued with new bedding as part of their arrival pack. These blankets/tough mats are labeled, so that it’s easy for us to wash and identify. The blankies are then sent home with your pet afterwards.

All dogs are treated preventatively for ticks and fleas on arrival, with Advantix. This will also protect them against irritating flies and mozzies. Read more about this product on this website.

Pampering on Departure

Who does not enjoy being pampered in a salon? Dogs are bathed and brushed on departure. Take a look at our extra special grooming offerings elsewhere on this website.

Keywords: Dogs