By: Paving Design  11-11-2011

Corobrick Clay Brick Pavers

For both beauty and durability underfoot, Corobrick hard burnt clay brick pavers offer aesthetic as well as great practicality. Every Paver is originated with clay drawn from age old deposits, exuding its own earthy personality. Corobrick's distinctive range spans an extensive palette of colours and textures offering an excellent spectrum for all tastes and life styles.
The Corobrick paving range is designed to complement corresponding face brick range and may be laid in many attractive angular and radial styles.

Cedarberg Paver PA 220 x 108 x 50

Champagne Paver PA 220 x 108 x 50

Nutmeg Paver PA 220 x 108 x 50

Burgandy Paver PA 220 x 108 x 50

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Step 2A layer of PVC film is laid over the ground to prevent grass to grow. Step 5A concrete edge beam is laid under the last row of bricks. Step 1 The ground is leveled to specifications and compacted. Step 3A layer of washed river sand is laid and leveled. The paving is then hosed down and cleaned. Step6Grouting is swept into the joints.