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By: Patient Focus Africa  11-11-2011
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With the wide range of blood pressure instruments for professional use as well as for home care, boso is in the unique position to transfer know-how in these fields. Moreover the recommendations from doctors help to enhance the blood pressure measurement at home.

The following facts prove the overall competence of boso:

• The 24-hours instrument of boso has been privileged by the European Space Agency (ESA), who uses the device aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for several projects.

• A survey of GfK among surgeries in Germany showed, that boso-instruments are the best known and most often used. 75% of all doctors in Germany use blood pressure instruments of BOSCH + SOHN.

• The German Hypertension Society has awarded the following models of boso the QUALITY SEAL: boso-medicus prestige, boso-medicus control, boso medicus family, boso-medicus uno, boso-medicus smart and boso-medilife S.

• All blood pressure instruments of boso comply with the regulations of EN1060

CardioChek (Cholesterol Products)

The CardioChek PA (Professional Analyzer) and the CardioChek Home Analyzer are state of the art, hand-held, battery-operated, software-driven reflectance spectrophotometers. 

  • Results are given in two minutes
  • Factory calibrated and ready to use
  • Test available for the CardioChek PA:  Lipid Panel (Full Lipogram), Dual strips (Total Cholesterol + Glucose), Screening (Total Cholesterol + Glucose + HDL), Metabolic Chemistry (Glucose + HDL + Triglycerides), Total Cholesterol
  • Tests available for CardioChek Home analyzer:  Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides
  • CLIA waved
  • FDA certified
  • CRMLN certified
  • CE marked.

Diabetic Products

Diabetic Products include a range of different products specifically designed for the diabetic patient.

These include:

  • Glucose meters: CareSens N (No Coding), CareSens ll, CareSens POP
  • Lancets: Patient Focus Unilet Excelite ll lancets
  • Insulin delivery needles: Unifine Pentips 6mm, 8mm and 12mm

A range of blood pressure monitors are available in our blood pressure monitor category.

Safety Lancets

A range of safety lancets and patient lancets is available.

Safety lancets protects both the patient and health care professional. It is a once off lancing device. The health care professional can therefore not injure him/herself as the needle is in a plastic cover. The patient is protected as the needle can only be used once so there is no chance that a used needle can be used on a different patient.


Two scales are currently available. BMI Scale and Nutritional Scale.

Screening Tests

Blood tests used to try to detect a disease when there is little or no evidence of a suspected disease ( These tests are rapid tests where the results is available within 60 seconds to 30 minutes. They can be done in consulting rooms, clinics, casualty or temporary facility as the monitors are small, lightweight and compact. A range of tests are available: Rapid HIV 1 & 2 tests, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Microalbumin (MAU), Hemoglobin (Hb), HbA1c and hsCRP.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure Instruments, Blood Pressure Measurement, Blood Pressure Monitors,