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By: ParcelJet  11-11-2011
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At Corporate Couriers, we offer the full spectrum of legal processing, city express professional messenger, courier and logistics solutions - locally, nationally and internationally. Our same day hand-to-hand specialist services cover the most extensive geographical parameters of any service provider in the Western Cape and Gauteng regions.

Corporate Couriers employs a comprehensive network of highly experienced staff who are well versed in the legal processing of court documents in all the Courts (Magistrates, High, Constitutional and Labour Courts) and Judicial Offices (Deeds, Masters and RAF).

We are strategically positioned in Cape Town, Gauteng, Port Elizabeth and Durban in close proximity to the Courts and Judicial Offices. Like clockwork, our fleet traverses throughout our client locations and desired destinations on daily morning and afternoon service runs.
Our field staff cover all the main client locations throughout the Western Cape, Gauteng, Port Elizabeth and Durban up to a maximum of 100km radius around both centres on a daily basis to collect and deliver our client’s court documents for processing that same day. (Service not available in Gauteng and Durban) Each matter is accompanied by a user friendly legal waybill specifically designed to tick box your desired service request. Upon completion of the service, we return the documents to your offices with a guaranteed proof of delivery.
Any of the below mentioned court processing services may be selected as a single service or as a combination of services depending on your needs:

In this instance we take your court documents to the respective Court or Judicial Office - whether it be an action, application, review, appeal for commencement of legal proceedings. This service also caters for the lodgement of papers with any Judicial Office or related ancillary body, especially in the fields of the RAF, property, deceased or insolvent estates.

We attend on the respective Sheriff's Office and take your processed documents for service and will also uplift the return of service, where requested, for onward delivery to your offices.

We attend on the service address for serving of court documents and return them, duly signed, to you. We also attend on the filing of court notices or pleadings, either separately, or in combination, with the serving of such documentation.

We collect court documents or papers that are ready for collection or upliftment from any Court, Judicial Office (such as a Masters, Deeds, RAF or Counsel).


  • Inter- office postal or mail solutions – Local or National
  • Correspondent Work – Local or National Court Processing /Designated Court Service Address
  • Local RUSH Services – Special Rush services to cater for critical time-specified court processing services undertaken within 60-120 minutes of collection (Cape Town and Port Elizabeth only)

Corporate Couriers, strategically located in the heart of Cape Town’s central business district, provides a unique and professional hand-to-hand sub-60 minute city express collection and delivery service that is dependable and technically equipped to handle all your same day messenger needs.

We traverse the entire Western Cape and Gauteng on a twice daily basis leaving our hubs at 10h00 and 14h00 each day to conveniently provide a solution to reach any destination within regular intervals.We offer an outsourced personalised messenger service in accordance with your needs, from basic document and parcel services, to industry specific technical document solutions.A variety of professional industry sectors including legal, banking, financial, property, media, travel and migration make use of our services whether on a scheduled or non-scheduled basis.
Our standard services include:
  • City Express rapid hand-to-hand professional messenger delivery service
  • Daily and scheduled office and inter-office or branch mail messenger services
  • Daily business-to-business distribution services of documents, parcels and cargo
  • Banking and Postal Attendances

Our specialised services include:

  • Migration and Travel – SAPS Police Clearance/SAQA/Medical Forms/Visas-lodgements and collections on National Embassies and Consulates
  • Tenders - Collections and submissions with delivery confirmation (All National Destinations)
  • Financial – Attendances on Cipro (Pretoria)
  • Debt Management - Hand-to-hand delivery of outstanding client accounts/invoices to improve payment turnaround and efficiency
  • Government Attendances (National)
  • Property and Corporate – Sign and Return of Documents
  • Local RUSH Services – Special Rush services to cater for critical time-specified court processing services undertaken within 60-120 minutes of collection
We provide an efficient and highly competitive national courier service to all major centres and remote outlying areas throughout South Africa.

Our service provides the option to air or roadfreight your documents, parcels or cargo depending on your budget requirements and time frames.

For those outlying destinations that are outside a radius of 70km of the major centres we provide an outlying courier service to deliver to these areas.

For many of our national clients we provide an additional technical specialist service for all matters between Cape Town, Gauteng, Port Elizabeth and Durban like Cipro and the Registrar of Companies/ Closed Corporations, Tenders, Embassies, Consulates and Government Offices where specific, personalised and technical matters require attention.

This service provides same day delivery or collection between major centres throughout South Africa

Contact us by 08h30 to request your same
day consignment to any major centre defined below for delivery by close of business
(Cape Town and Port Elizabeth only)

For early morning time-specific delivery into major centres the following day

Your consignment will arrive at any major
centre the following day by 09h00
(Pretoria by 09h30)

For less time-specific late morning delivery into major centres the following day

Your consignment will arrive at any major
centre the following day by 13h00

This service is suitable for larger parcels and cargo which is not as time critical

Your consignment will arrive within 2/3 days of collection

This service provides delivery into areas that fall outside of major centres throughout South Africa

Your consignment will arrive the same day, by arrangement, the following day or within 2/3 days of collection depending on your needs


  • Major Centres – Includes Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town
  • National Outlying Areas – Areas that extend beyond a radius of 70 km around Major Centres
    (including Bloemfontien and East London)

Our networked partnerships allow us to deliver your documents, parcels and cargo anywhere in the world. We offer outstanding value for money and remain the preferred provider of international courier to leading businesses throughout South Africa.

We are transparent and open about our rates since we feel that our clients should not be paying more for a service provided. We recommend that you take a look at our international rates to get a sense of our pricing to make your decision. ^

When we move documents or cargo to national or international destinations that need to be protected in more secure packaging we will do our best to supply durable boxes and bubble wrap free of charge.

Of course you can package and wrap items to your standards at your offices prior to carriage, which will be checked by our operational staff prior to departure.^ For each matter that we send for our clients they receive R1000.00 compensation cover per consignment to the desired destination in the event of total loss of the consignment or total damage rendering it beyond economical repair. Payments will be made subject to a full investigation of the circumstances prior to payment.

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