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By: Parasailor  11-11-2011

November 2007

Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany / Wuppertal, Germany – The former rivals ISTEC AG, maker of the aerodynamic lift creating spinnaker "Parasailor", and Parasail-Vertriebs GmbH, vendor of the gust absorbability spinnaker "Parasail" will from now on walk on the same trails.

The two companies cooperate in product development. First common success: the brand new 4th generation Parasail, which is based on ISTEC's patented wing profile technology, was recently launched. "Because of its integrated Single Skin Wing the Parasail offers now for the first time real aerodynamic lift while none of the gust absorbability features had to be sacrificed", says Parasail's managing director Alexander Tönges.The cooperation of ISTEC and Parasail encompasses also sales. Specifically, both partners have included both the Parasailor and the Parasail in their product range. By linking their distribution channels both companies can reach a broader customer range. "Moreover", adds Norbert Bergmann, Head of Sales at ISTEC, "we can now provide an even better quality in sales consulting to our customers." "Convincing traditional sailors of our revolutionary wing integrated sails is already enough a challenge as such – together, Parasailor and Parasail can achieve their objectives more effectively", says ISTEC's CEO Günther Wörl.Since 2004, both companies are known for their innovative downwind products, which meet both regatta and cruising needs

Sailing Magazine for Southern Africa, December 2006