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Dummy & Sample Service

Dummies made from the actual materials you intend to use for finished piece are invaluable aids when developing conceptual ideas and presenting your visuals to clients.

They are also useful when estimating mailing costs and specifying work to printers.

To ensure that you get the dummy you require, it is important when ordering, to detail the exact specification. To help us help you, we have put together some simple guidelines to follow when requesting a dummy:

  • Identify the materials you want to use as well as the brand name, colour (when applicable) and grammage/caliper.
  • Detail final dimensions of dummy in millimeters
  • Specify the format required:

Portrait - spine is the longest dimension

Landscape - spine is the shortest dimension

  • Clearly identify cover and text material. For example:

Cover - Knights Cord White 270gsm

Text - Creator Ivory 135gsm

  • Separately detail the number of 'printed pages' (pp) and/or sections required for both the cover and the text, as well as the type of fold to be used. For example:

Cover - 6pp with full width throw out from back cover

Text - 1x24pp section

  • In the case of folders, indicate the type of pocket to be used.
  • Specify the type of binding you require. For example:

Wire stitched (saddle stitched), Stab stitched (side stabbed), Perfect bound, wire bound.

To avoid any misunderstanding, we may ask you to provide a detailed illustration indicating measurements by fax.

Finally, let us know the number of dummies you require.

Sample Service

Papersmith's Sample Service is here to help you represent and specify the right materials for your printed work.

Plain samples from the many thousands of different types of paper and board that we hold in stock are supplied in various sizes and with many, envelopes of any size can also be made to order.

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Paper Advisory Service

The Papersmith Paper Advisory Service is a national team of paper specialists working closely with designers, print buyers and end-user clients to assist in the correct choice of paper and board for all print requirements.

Advisory consultants have the knowledge and expertise to provide specific product information, general, technical and environmental data as well as the know-how to advise on performance capabilities. All of these combine to enable an informed selection of the right paper for the job, the paper with the essential characteristics that will match the creative design specification and meet all print and production demands.

By phoning one of our branch offices, you gain direct access to advice, making it easy to request A4 or flat sheet samples of any of the numerous qualities stocked. Handmade dummies can also be prepared to your specifications.

Student Service

Recognising that design and print students are our future specifiers and customers, Papersmith and Son is happy to support education in these areas. We can provide support and information to lecturers and teachers to help educate students about the various aspects of paper, board and plastics.

A limited range of samples is also available to students working on projects. Requests for these mustall come via the Course Tutor, Lecturer or Teacher and will arrive within a week.

For more details about these services please call the Paper Café on (011) 880-6707 or come visit us at 32 Glenhove Rd,Melrose Estate

Delivery Promise

We promise that:

An order or sample request placed before noon will be delivered before the end of the day.

An order or sample request placed between noon to 5pm will be delivered before noon on the following working day

Dummies take a little longer - a dummy request will be fulfilled within 48 hours of receipt of your faxed request

If a or b are too slow for you, ask for the manager and s/he will make a special plan.

We aim to provide service

Green Sample & Swatch Boxes

Papersmith & Son have a very unique service called the "Green Sample Box". The idea behind the Green Sample Box is that clients can actually feel and touch all the different grades of paper. The distinguishing feature of the Green Sample Box is that each and every grade of paper within the Papersmith & Son range is easily accessible. Each individual grade of paper is conveniently cut to a DL size with the paper grade's name and grammage printed on it, allowing you to remove the specific grade and use it when needed. The advantages are endless, from ease of identification through to simply allowing you to attach the particular grade of interest onto a file or document for future reference. The entire Papersmith & Son range is conveniently packaged in a " one-of-the-kind" green leather box, hence the name "Green Sample Box".All of this is available for a nominal fee that Papersmith & Son charge, partly in order to cover the cost of making the Green Sample Box, and because Papersmith & Son are always conscious of the environment we will donate a portion of the fee to a charity of your choice.

Swatch Box

A further service that Papersmith & Son offer is a Swatch Box. A Swatch Box is a convenient way for you to access the entire Papersmith & Son paper range, from paper weight grades to the board weights. Each individual product is categorized under its brand name with all the different colours and thicknesses clearly identified. This allows you to easily refer to a particular paper grade and to identify the exact colour and grammage within your range of interest. The advantages of the Swatch Box are endless, from ease of identification through to simply allowing you to remove the particular grade of interest when presenting paper options to clients. The best advantage by far is that all of this convenience is free of charge, because at Papersmith & Son we understand your needs for easily accessible paper options.

You can obtain a swatch box from one of your nearest Papersmith branches for a fee of R150.

Free Sample Delivery

Papersmith & Son offer yet another free service, this time in the form of free samples. And not only are you able to test your complete design idea before you actually go to print the entire job, but Papersmith & Son will also deliver the paper samples (to the central Johannesburg area) right to your door, FREE of charge. This offers you the opportunity of experimental printing before you actually go to the expense of printing the entire job. You can print your completed design onto the specific grades of paper you are thinking of using and see how the combination works. After all, design is all about experimenting.