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By: Pallet Supply Company  11-11-2011
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Pallet Supply Company custom manufactures new pallets, shelving and crates with special attention to:

  • Customer specific tolerances
  • Strength versus cost
  • Rigidity
  • Durability
  • Functionality

These parameters are interactive and optimizing one will significantly impact on the others (e.g. minimizing pallet cost). The proper balance of these five characteristics will vary, depending on your specific product, warehouse and distribution environments. An important factor to bear in mind when designing a pallet is price vs cost.

As a result of customer's stringent export and destination requirements, we at Pallet Supply Company, have developed various pallet kits enabling sensitive product and packaging to be shipped throughout the world. Additionally we offer a large range of recycled and second hand pallets, which compare very favourably price wise, to new pallets.

In recent years Pallet Supply Company has also introduced a wide selection of plastic pallets into its product range, enabling us to offer a plastic pallet for any and every application.


Four way entry pallets

Two way entry pallets

Plastic pallets


Most often used on top of the load in conjunction with strapping to stabilise / unitise the load.

Crates / Bins

Used as a packaging medium to protect and unitise loads of smaller items.

Shelving & Duck Boards

Most often used for:

  • racking
  • walkways
  • raising goods off floors

Pallet Kits

Developed for packaging of sensitive loads, unitisation of loads etc. Consists most often of a pallet, with cardboard or plastic corners, and a chipboard layer providing internal support.

Pallet Repair

For more details, view our


  • Pallets refurbished to original standards
  • Pallets re-squared
  • Extra nails added to strengthen tired joints
  • Collection and return service offered
  • Specialised machinery allows for minimal rejection factor
  • Where repair contracts are entered into, full statistics, if required, are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Pallet Hire

If hiring makes more sense than owning pallets our extensive hire unit can supply and maintain your pallet pool.

We offer:

  • Pallet hire - a once-off service
  • Pallets rental - one, two or three year contracts for personalised pallets
  • Pallet pool management

Export Requirements

We keep abreast of international requirements in respect of timber packaging and share this information with our customers. Certain countries have restrictions on timber packaging and to this end we have fumigation, heat treating, and dipping facilities to ensure compliance.

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