By: Pabx  11-11-2011

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The Bridge Telecommunication fifteen point success plan

  1. We conduct a survey of the clients current system and method of operation.
  2. We complete a "draft" needs analysis after speaking to as many department heads as possible.
  3. We outline the client’s requirements in both size (now and future growth) as well as any facilities and features to suit that clients method of business.
  4. We prepare a final specification based on the agreed needs analysis and have it signed off by the client.
  5. We prepare a short list of the three most suitable systems, i.e. offering systems in the required size range that best meet the client’s requirements. This comparison will include a features comparison against the agreed specification.
  6. We arrange demonstrations of these systems (if required).
  7. We arrange a comparison chart showing the various purchasing options, i.e. outright purchase, rental with escalation, fixed rate rental and rental linked to prime.
  8. We place the order on the successful supplier.
  9. We complete all Telkom documentation.
  10. We arrange a meeting to complete the data-base and any other supplier documentation that may be required.
  11. We arrange for the training of the clients Telephonist and extension users.
  12. We arrange a date for the commissioning of the system.
  13. We attend the "cut-over"
  14. We ensure that all staff members have been trained to obtain maximum benefit from the features provided by the new PABX.
  15. We arrange for the client to sign the "Certificate of Acceptance" only when both the client and ourselves are completely satisfied with the installation.