By: P R I N F O  11-11-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Business Management

Increase profitability, improve productivity and optimize your competitive capabilities with PrintSmith – the system more printers rely on than any other print MIS in the world.

PrintSmith provides a scalable and complete solution to replace manual and paper-based processes, capture and view key business information and manage business processes for small commercial print shops, copy centers, and print-for-pay companies with on-demand and digital environments.

Companies running PrintSmith find they are able to:

  • Attain greater visibility into business performance
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase billing accuracy and cash flow
  • Make informed decisions that improve their organization's profitability

Several PrintSmith options are available to meet the unique requirements of your operation.

PrintSmith Full System
The PrintSmith Full System can automate your entire print shop, saving your company time and money on your day-to-day management of business operations. The flexible, pricing/estimating tool gives you the power to create fast and accurate quotes for all printing and copying services, products and merchandise. It´s fully integrated functionality also ensures that invoicing can be done accurately and quickly.

PrintSmith comes equipped with accounts receivable, customer lists, work-in-progress reports, automatic stock order functions, account history and aging, point of sale management (including support for the optional cash drawer and receipt printer), valuable up-to-the-minute sales analysis, sales summaries, statements, management reports, mailing labels and mail merge.

PrintSmith Copy Shop
PrintSmith Copy Shop is an ideal solution for a busy copy shop environment requiring a complete business management system. PrintSmith Copy Shop´s estimator supports all types of copiers, large format printers, pre-press, bindery, merchandise, rubber stamps and miscellaneous charges. The intuitive application includes capabilities to automate estimating, invoicing, job tickets, customer lists, work-in-progress reports, stock ordering and a complete cash register (including support for the optional cash drawer and receipt printer).

PrintSmith Copy Shop´s accounts receivable process also includes daily, weekly and monthly sales summaries, account aging, statements and several management report formats. PrintSmith Copy Shop also possesses an upgrade path to the PrintSmith Full System.

PrintSmith Lite
PrintSmith Lite combines powerful production management tools with flexible pricing and estimating applications. The solution offers capabilities to help your organization provide seamless, accurate and timely invoicing and enables companies to automate estimating for printing, copying, services, products and merchandise. It also adds the control of job tickets, customer lists, work-in-progress reports and stock order functions.

PrintSmith Estimator
The PrintSmith Estimator is a powerful and flexible estimating and pricing application developed for the graphic arts industry. It saves time and improves sales efforts by providing your customers with fast accurate quotes for all printing and copying services, products and merchandise.

The solution is equipped to support pricing for copiers, high-speed duplicators, sheet and roll fed presses, and can easily handle up to 50,000 charges for pre-press, bindery, merchandise, mailing services and miscellaneous charges. In addition, PrintSmith Estimator has an easy upgrade path to PrintSmith Lite and the PrintSmith Full System.

PrintSmith Portable
PrintSmith Portable enables your outside sales force to take PrintSmith Estimator on the road. The complete solution operates as stand-alone estimating system or as a live workstation on a PrintSmith network.

PrintSmith Multi-User Workstation Pack
PrintSmith Multi-User allows networked PCs and Macintoshs® to access the PrintSmith master station, and enables remote locations to connect via the Internet. The basic module provides access for up to four users. With the PrintSmith Multi-User Workstation Pack, users can add workstations in groups of three or up to as many as 200 individual workstations on the network. The module operates over AppleTalk, LocalTalk and TCP/IP and supports the optional PrintSmith Bar Code Job Tracking module and the Portable PrintSmith for remote tracking and estimating.

Keywords: Business Management, Customer Service