Orion Software - New Dimension System Module

By: Orion Software  11-11-2011

This module is required per individual installation and forms the central point for administration within New Dimension.

It controls functions like client access licensing and to link common elements within modules to prevent the replication of code, resulting in smaller executable files per module.

Advantages include the ability to structure complex licensing requirements such as integrating a five-user payroll with a ten-user sales ledger.

Data that is common to modules needs only to be captured once and is available in all related modules.

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Orion Software - Pricing

Annual telephonic support and upgrades to software are inclusive in the 25% annual license fee. For upgrades the cost of the initial system will be credited against the new purchase. Client server using MSDE with a recommended maximum of 21 concurrent users. One system module is required for each New Dimension installation. The initial system module includes 1 Client Access License. All prices include vat at 14%.


Orion Software - New Dimension General Ledger Module

The General Ledger is totally integrated with the remaining modules in the series and is updated immediately on a per transaction basis. Fully customized built in reporting feature to allow for customizable financial statements and management reports. Consolidation function to combine separate data set financial information into a consolidated report. The ability to process journal transaction to prior periods and years is fully controlled.


Orion Software - New Dimension Cashbook Module

The cashbook module is fully integrated with the other modules in the series enabling a single transaction to update more than one module simultaneously. Transaction id’s can automatically advance to the next number in the sequence or be added manually. Default sales tax types can be allocated to particular transactions. Maintain General Ledger accounts from within the Cashbook module. Unlimited number of cashbooks per data set.