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By: Optimal Power Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Power Conditioner

The OPS Grid Export Conditioner (“GEC”) is a unique grid connected power conditioner by world standards. A fast and efficient MPPT extracts the maximum available power from the solar array and exports it to the grid.

It can operate as a routine exporter of power into grid networks but in developing countries the grid suffers from daily blackouts, brown outs, voltage surges, sags and notchs. In some cases the utility operator will choose to “load shed” on a individual phase basis, thus the local network may operate on two phases only.

In this case the GEC can be configured to act on a phase by phase basis and may export power on one, two or three phases. This is important where PV grid connect projects are developed on a revenue basis and exporting of all possible power is crucial.

Keywords: Power Conditioner

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