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By: Onezone Digital  11-11-2011
Keywords: Online Communities

PRISM Methodology

Connecting people meaningfully requires context – i.e. the rationale that binds people together into teams, projects, markets, structures and so on. In the past, it was simple – you belonged to a department, in a division, of a region – or something like that. In the future modern enterprise, these relationships will not be so obvious. Relationships will be viral, cross functional, extend beyond the enterprise, the country borders, cross-disciplinary, self-organising, fluid and less rigid, more self-organising etc.

How people in an enterprise are connected into the future, is not transparent, and without assistance we will not even be aware of these connections, nor will we be able to understand how to leverage them. Onezone has developed a unique and patented methodology to help enterprises create thematic customer value chains, employee engagement centres, and IT user support communities, work teams, innovation teams, and membership communities, networks around life stages, life events and life interests. It delivers the connection that binds consumers, staff and stakeholders in specific online member communities/web spaces. The basic idea is expanding the realm of participation and extending the locus of exchange in enterprises to harness collective intelligence, leverage crowd sourcing and generate peer production. The enterprise uses its latent asymmetric power to connect these viral systems in their markets. This methodology delivers the “blueprint” for our online communities and provides a Community Management Framework to maintain your networks ongoing.

Keywords: Online Communities