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By: Omni-soft  11-11-2011
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Omni-HelpDesk is a state of the art web-based helpdesk solution. Omni-HelpDesk seamlessly intergrates into your existing computer computer network and can be customised to match your organizations needs. The purpose of the Omni-HelpDesk is to automate the relationship between Clients, Agents (Helpdesk Operators) and Workers.

Two things accomplish this:

  • Aiding the Worker in tasks they perform.
  • Improving communication between Clients and Agents (Time-expenses are reduced and customer satisfaction improves.)
  •   Omni-HelpDesk includes the following great features:
    • A full workflow engine with graphical workflow designer
    • A comprehensive text search
    • HTTP document upload to attach to work objects
    • User level security
    • Multiple priorities, categories, work object classes and much, much more
    The Omni-Workflow engine, managed by the administrator, is a state of the art workflow management utility. It provides the engine by which work is tracked, escalated and reported on.   The Omni-Workflow engine has some unique features, which makes it a world-class workflow engine:
    • A graphical drag and drop workflow editor
    • Support for multiple queues
    • Support for multiple work classes, with each work class having its own work flow
    • Fully integrated VB Scripting engine to handle non-standard behavior for one of a number of workflow events.
    • Support for multiple priorities
    • Sophisticated mail template creation for custom mail messages.
    • Multi-level work categories
    • Support for shadow work objects, follow up and sub-work objects.
    • User level security.

    Web based means ZERO maintenance. No installation, no upgrades. Change the server and all client computers change immediately with NO intervention. Ideal for geographically dispersed offices.

    Keywords: engine

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