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By: Octarine Communications  01-28-2009
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Entrepreneurs tend to be control freaks; it’s the nature of the beast. Corporate life might entail reporting to the Board or having some Group Financial hotshot examining your results, but you are probably a harder taskmaster than any corporate executive. It might have something to do with the fact that your own money is on the line!

And this has consequences for your ad agency. You are probably concerned that the agency doesn’t quite understand what you need, or that while you might not be an expert in advertising, you do have broad experience and proven acumen. And you’ve given the matter quite a lot of thought. You might find it hard to trust that they will be able to deliver, or secretly believe that, given enough time and a little effort, you could do it yourself. You may look at their proposals and wonder if they really added any value, and nitpick and challenge along the way. You may be anxious that you are spending money for something that might not work and your supplier can’t really prove that it will until you are way down the road.

I know this first-hand! When we decided that Octarine really did need an internet presence, we contracted a specialist web company to help us. We knew we could do the design – it was the technical issues with which we needed help. So we designed our site, and handed it over to the specialists to translate it into a living web site. And then we stressed.

We learned that just because we had used a beautiful font in our design, it didn’t mean it would show up on your screen. And that it was best to stick to the basic fonts installed on most computers. But wewould really havepreferred our fancy font.

We knew that the resolution of any image has a dramatic impact on the loading speed of the site, we didn’t want to compromise the quality of the pictures. After all, we are an advertising agency; if our pictures look blurry our work won’t look good. But we still wanted a fast-loading site.

But we were right on a couple of issues too. For instance, our meta-titles and meta page descriptions were better than the onessuggested by thetechies, so we used the ones wecame up with.

So when a client finds it hard to relinquish control, and criticises when we need to do things they don’t quite understand, I get it.And we never getprecious about being the advertising "experts".

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Keywords: Ad agency, Advertising and design

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